Bergis Jules

Name: Bergis Jules

Job: University and Political Papers Archivist

Although Bergis Jules has only been with UCR for about five months, he is learning a lot about the university’s rich history in his job as the university and political papers archivist.

Jules says that his main responsibility “is to collect and preserve records of enduring value to UCR, which means records that have historical significance and also records that document the business activity of the university.”

Arriving from Washington, D.C., Jules decided to come all the way to California because he sees UCR as a leader, setting standards in a variety of areas — from the new School of Medicine to the high minority student graduation rates.

Jules also writes Highlander History for Inside UCR, which presents a piece of UCR’s past from the library archives. For more great stories about UCR traditions and history, follow @UCRArchives on Twitter or visit the University Archive on the fourth floor of Rivera Library.

What led you to UCR?

Most recently I was the university archivist at George Washington University in Washington D.C. I have never lived on the West Coast and the position here seemed like a great opportunity. UCR is a university on the rise. That’s exciting to me! The new medical school just opened, as well as the School of Public Policy. It seemed like the perfect time to be part of the exciting changes happening here. Apart from what is happening at the university in general, I was really excited to be part of the new direction of the libraries at UCR. Libraries are a vital part of how any university functions, especially in supporting teaching and research, and I was excited to be part of the new bold and innovative direction the UCR Library is taking.

What do you like best about UCR?

The diversity represented among the student body at UCR is absolutely amazing. I have never worked on a campus like this. Diversity at UCR is real and goes beyond the glossy brochure and that is definitely one of the best things I like about being here.

Describe your typical work day.

A typical day can include several different activities and most of them revolve around management of the large records collections we already have in the UCR University Archives, which is located on the 4th floor of Rivera Library. Some of those activities include answering questions about university history and about the political papers we hold but also making contact with departments across campus and potential collection donors off campus. Of course, we do more than that, but those are activities that are vital to maintaining a strong university archives program.

What do you like to do in your free time?

Free time is family time for me these days. I have two daughters, Madeleine who is 3 years old, and Antonia just turned 1. They keep me and my wife, Anna, pretty busy. When I can get away I like to catch up on some football and soccer, especially my favorite teams, the Indianapolis Colts and Arsenal F.C.

— Bethanie Le

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