Debra Bloodworth

Mail Clerk in Mail Services

Debra Bloodworth

Debra Bloodworth doesn’t just deliver mail, she delivers smiles.

And chances are, she’s delivered a smile to someone you know.

Bloodworth (who insists that you call her “Deb” or “Debbie”) has been a mail clerk in Mail Services for nearly 24 years. Often seen driving the Gem (an electric vehicle that looks like a golf cart), she strives to do two things well: deliver mail in a timely manner and keep her customers happy.

Her route takes her through the entire campus, putting her in contact with nearly every department.

“All departments on my route are very nice. I’ve gotten to know some names as well as they have gotten to know mine,” Bloodworth said. “One of the most exciting things that happened to me on campus was to know that our very own chancellor, Tim White, was on the TV show ‘Undercover Boss.’”

When she’s not on the job, Bloodworth juggles her many hobbies.

“I like motorcycles, cars and animals. I like to try to quilt and anything of the arts. Right now I’m playing around with jewelry making. I’ve also done some painting, sketching, porcelain dolls and ceramics,” she says.

She also has a special connection with the cartoon character Betty Boop. “I’ve liked Betty Boop ever since I was a young girl and the old-time cartoons were great.”More than the average Betty Boop fan, Bloodworth’s car, a convertible red P.T. Cruiser, is decorated in flames and Betty Boop seat covers, floor mats and keychains. “My husband likes to call the car the ‘Boop Mobile,’” she said, laughing.

Despite riding around the Boop Mobile, Bettye Boop’s rebellious personality hasn’t rubbed off on Bloodworth. “I feel my personality is quiet and caring for people as well as the animals I love. I try to live a good moral life and treat others as best I can with love and respect. As well, I’d like to have the same in return,” she said. — Konrad Nagy

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