For the second year in a row, the UCR International Education Center (IEC) is offering university faculty and staff members an opportunity to connect with an international student through the Friendship Family Program.

Unlike other host programs where international students come to live with American families, the families and individuals enrolled in the Friendship Family Program invite an international student to share events throughout the school year, from family meals to holiday celebrations or to simply enjoy an evening of conversation.

The program allows international students to experience American culture and family life in a very personal and intimate way, while giving the family an opportunity to learn about a different way of life.

“We want our international students to thrive in their new home,” said Karen McComb, interim director of the IEC. “And we can do it with the help of the campus community.”

The program is accepting applications for the current school year. To learn more, contact Wendy Hernandez at (951) 827-3828 or

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