Ralph Ambrose

Assistant Director of the Office of Constituent Management and Technologies for University Advancement

Ralph Ambrose

Just call Ralph Ambrose (’97) the efficiency expert. Except that unlike the efficiency expert from the movie “Office Space,” Ambrose, who is the assistant director of the Office of Constituent Management and Technologies for Advancement, sets out to save your day, not make it worse.

Both at work and at home, the self-proclaimed “IT Guy” loves solving problems, saying he believes that solving technical problems frees people up to be creative.

“I like finding solutions that allow people to do what they’re good at. It’s not about replacing people with machines. It’s about putting the machine in its proper role,” Ambrose said. “Where machines are good at automation and repetitive tasks, people are good at creativity and building relationships with other people,” he said.

“It improves morale, in my belief, when people do what they’re good at, when the repetitive tasks are stripped from their workload. It speaks to self-actualization, that need that we all have.”

In his almost two years at UCR, the campus has benefited from the efficiency expert’s meticulous attention to detail.

Ambrose’s problem-solving prowess translates into assisting internal IT needs, troubleshooting, helping people get access to the network and The Raiser’s Edge (UCR’s alumni and donor database), providing reports to external sources such as UCOP and U.S. News & World Report and Ambrose’s favorite, application development.

“My goal is to build up my department and establish rigorous quality-control procedures,” he said.

At home, Ambrose’s love of efficiency and finding solutions has translated into a family nickname:  “The Packing King.”  Whether it’s packing for a trip or loading up the dishwasher, day-to-day life presents several opportunities for Ambrose to solve problems.

“One time I packed my sister’s car and used the space so efficiently that my brother-in-law said, ‘It’s like a Chinese wooden knot puzzle.’ But don’t worry, they could still see out the back!” he says, chuckling.

Living a life of efficiency has enabled Ambrose to pursue his varied interests as well. He’s fluent in three languages (English, Spanish and Tagalog), is an avid cyclist, has trained in the martial art of Aikido, and volunteers at his daughters’ school, where he has taught students programming and Web design.

The science fiction aficionado is even trying his hand at writing a young-adult fantasy novel. “I wanted to make it something that my kids could read and learn from, so it touches on some of the themes I studied as an anthropology major,” he said. — Konrad Nagy

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