As high school students change in how they're getting their information, it's important for us to make those changes as well. … Students feel more comfortable in that environment.

Emily Engelschall, director of undergraduate admissions, on UCR’s use of online chat rooms as a way of reaching out to prospective high school students


A structured procrastinator is someone who has things he or she is supposed to do but usually find themselves doing something else instead. So the structured procrastinator may get a lot done. Being a procrastinator doesn't mean being lazy. Structured procrastinators may get a lot done, just not always what they are supposed to get done.

John Perry, distinguished professor of philosophy, on “structured procrastination” and how it can help procrastinators become more effective in their daily life


By supporting the training of general pediatricians, through both the residency training program we are developing and through student scholarship support, First 5 Riverside is demonstrating assertive leadership in expanding access to medical care for young children during their most important developmental stage of life.

Dr. G. Richard Olds, founding dean of the School of Medicine, on UCR’s partnership with First 5 Riverside, a commission that seeks to address Riverside’s lack of health physicians and pediatricians


Chancellor White generated tremendous momentum for UC Riverside. … It’s critical that we find the right leader to continue Riverside on its current trajectory and propel it to even greater heights of academic excellence and public service.

Mark Yudof, UC president, on Timothy White’s appointment as chancellor of the California State University system and the search for a new UCR chancellor


Hollywood is tough when you are a minority filmmaker making films about minority subjects. … It used to be people who had any relationship with Vietnam were branded a traitor. That label doesn't stick anymore.

Lan Duong, associate professor of media and cultural studies, on how Vietnamese-American filmmakers and actors have become a growing artistic force in Vietnam's emerging film industry


Students told us that they wanted to be able to see out. They wanted to see the pool; they wanted to see the Box Springs Mountains. As a result, there is a lot of glass in this building. When you are running on the indoor track on the second floor, you will be looking outdoors all the time.

Don Caskey, campus architect, on the $37.2 million, student-funded expansion of UCR’s Student Recreation Center, which will include a pool, an indoor track with climbing wall, and additional courts and fitness machines


In general, the more guns you have available, the more guns you're going to have used. It's not very complicated. It's that politically our society is unwilling to challenge the gun lobby.

Robert Nash Parker, professor of sociology, on how access to guns in American society increases the probability of crime


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