Lizette Navarette

Associate Director of Regional Relations for Governmental and Community Relations

For some alumni, an alma mater is a memory. For others, it is a legacy.

For Lizette Navarette (’06), the latter is true. As UCR’s associate director of regional relations in the Office of Governmental and Community Relations, she’s focused on improving university relationships with communities in the Western Riverside County and San Bernardino. It’s a position she’s held for four months now — and it’s a big part of why she returned to UCR. “I wanted to keep its outreach strong and its legacy proud.”

Much of Navarette’s job is based on establishing relationships with community representatives through meetings, briefings and partnerships.

“In a region with 4 million people, you have to ensure that people know about UCR,” Navarette said.

Luckily for Navarette, promoting UCR isn’t just part of her job, it’s also a lot of fun.

“There are so many great stories and facts to share. I love going to communities where UCR is less known and making new fans and advocates. I love to see the smile on people’s faces when they learn about all the great things UCR is doing,” said Navarette.

Eventually, Navarette would like to see a strong network of advocates attend campus events. She also wants to see that network manifest into broader state and national support.

“I want UCR to become a standing item on people’s agendas and I want more day-to-day talk about support,” she said.

When she isn’t rallying for outreach and support, Navarette runs religiously. She’s motivated by the time for reflection that running gives her. She’s also a political junkie, likely to have newspapers strewn about her office. One look at Navarette’s office — decorated with black-and-white prints of UCR — and it’s evident that she’s more of a UCR junkie than anything else.

“I remember when there was a big hole where the HUB is,” Navarette said. “My senior year, I broke ground on the commons. The old commons had a lounge and fireplace. It was pretty much a dark room with students napping and there was construction all around.”

Now that all that has changed, Navarette looks forward to the future of UCR. “It’s so exciting to see the opportunity and potential because I remember when they were just plans.

“I have an affinity for this campus. When I was a student, I loved every day that I was here.” — Konrad Nagy

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