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A campus climate survey will help improve the environment for everyone at UCR


All UC students, faculty and staff will be surveyed about their school and workplace experiences to improve campus life. The survey begins Feb. 4.

RIVERSIDE, Calif. — University of California, Riverside students and employees will have the opportunity to participate in an unprecedented survey of the climate, inclusion and work-life issues at UCR as part of the systemwide Campus Climate Study.

The survey will be conducted at each of the 10 UC campuses as well as research centers and administrative offices. It is designed to provide the Office of the President with a snapshot of the learning, living and working environments. It is believed to be the first time that a university system the size of the UC has attempted a survey of this scale.

The UCR version of the survey has approximately 85 questions and should take between 22 and 35 minutes to complete. The surveying period begins on Feb. 4 and is scheduled to end after eight weeks. For individuals without regular access to a computer, a paper version is available. A Spanish-language version will also be available.

“Whether you fill it out at work or while you have some extra time at home, all I ask is that you fill it out,” said Yolanda Moses, associate vice chancellor for equity and diversity and co-chair of the campus committee set up to oversee the deployment of the survey at UCR.  “It matters because if you feel respected, you will thrive. If not, well, things have to change. And if enough of you fill out this survey, you will help us know how to change.”

“Even if we are doing well, there are still things we can do better,” she added.

Moses said the goal was to get a response rate in excess of 30 percent.

To help entice people to take the survey, the UC Office of the President and individual universities are offing a wide range of prizes, including big-ticket awards like a $10,000 scholarship, two graduate academic or professional students will receive $5,000 stipends, two faculty members will receive $5,000 research grants and five staff members will receive $2,000 professional development grants. Each location also will give away iPads to two survey participants.

“We are looking into other giveaway items as well,” Moses said.

The committee has placed an emphasis on security and anonymity in regards to the survey. The survey itself will be conducted through staff, faculty and student portals, rather than via email or a public website. In addition, the committee and the UC has worked to create a double-blind system that ensures total anonymity.

“When someone logs in to fill out the survey, their ID will be converted into a 32 character unique ID. We will be able to keep track of who took the survey, but not what they said,” said Larry McGrath, senior director for technology operations in Computing and Communications.

McGrath added that using this system allows the committee to customize reminder messages only to individuals who have not yet filled out the survey, rather than sending out campuswide messages.

The project is funded by the UC President’s Initiative Fund, a private endowment for special projects. No tuition or taxpayer dollars are being used. Additional information, including how the survey is being administered and how results will be used, can be found at

For more information about the UCR survey, contact Moses at or call (951) 827-6223.

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