A Teachable Moment at Friday’s Baseball Game

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RIVERSIDE, Calif. (www.ucr.edu) — UC Riverside’s Interim Chancellor Jane Conoley and Director of Athletics Brian Wickstrom issued a statement today to the campus community about a baseball game played Friday in Sacramento that included a fight. The statement is below:


As many of you are aware, there was a disturbing brawl in Sacramento at a recent baseball game between members of our team and that of the Sacramento State squad.  Four players representing the two teams have now been disciplined as appropriate under NCAA rules.

On behalf of the UCR Community we write to express our sadness and disappointment at the fact that members of our team were involved.  While we know that tempers can sometimes flare in the heat of competition, we also know that we all should hold ourselves to a higher level of discourse – one that involves discussion and not fisticuffs.

We are an educational institution first, and this is a teachable moment for the student-athletes, coaches, fans and others involved.  We must remind ourselves that, quite simply, we don’t tolerate violence – and that consequences of violence often go far beyond a singular moment to impact the way others think about us.

While these moments are fortunately rare, they provide an opportunity for us all to learn more about ourselves and the people and institutions we aspire to be and to create.  UC Riverside is a unique educational institution, one that has been internationally recognized for its diversity and accomplishments.  We are proud of who and what we are, but we can always be better – both in education and sports, and in life.


Jane Close Conoley
Interim Chancellor


Brian Wickstrom
Director of Athletics


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