This is a momentous historical moment we're in, and we have to move.

Armando Navarro, professor of ethnic studies, on organizing the National Leadership Summit for Immigration Reform at UCR on March 16. The summit aims to forge a consensus on how to overhaul the nation’s immigration system.


Having something that’s hard and tough is actually very difficult to achieve in an engineering sense, and yet biology can do this based on architecting these multi-sectional composites … Our goal is to understand biology, specifically bio-materials, how they’re made, how they’re architected, and use the strategies done by biology or achieved by biology to make new engineering materials.

David Kisailus, assistant professor of chemical and environmental engineering, on how understanding the peacock mantis shrimp — a crustacean with a club-like appendage that can smash with more than 200 pounds of force — will help researchers develop tougher materials


Ideally, unmanned vehicles need to be operated with a very limited energy supply, which is why understanding how the hummingbird maximizes its use of energy is tremendously beneficial … Current technology is not successfully mimicking how living things fly. Drones don't hover, and must rely on forward motion. Research done using hummingbirds, like ours, can inform the development of the next generation of drones.

Marko Princevac, associate professor of mechanical engineering, on how research that explains hummingbirds’ flight can be used to improve existing technologies


Hispanic is a unique umbrella concept. It is unique because it embraces both those with immigrant roots and those whose ancestors were here before the United States came to them. It is also unique because, unlike the other umbrella terms, it refers to a multiracial people with a common ancestral language and, in some respects, widely-shared cultural characteristics.

Carlos Cortes, professor emeritus of history, on the term “Hispanic” and the implications of its usage


I find this downright Orwellian … When the movers and shakers in the industry get so chummy with ordained powers, how can they be expected to make the kinds of films that deliver a genuine cultural critique of Washington politics?

Charles Evered, associate professor of theatre, on the appearance of first lady Michelle Obama during the Oscars


It is one of the pre-eminent global indigenous film festivals. It is an extraordinary film festival and (programmer) Elizabeth Weatherford has done an extraordinary job.

Michelle Rajeja, associate professor of English, on the Native FilmFest, a festival hosted by the Agua Caliente Cultural Museum to inform the community about cultural, land and water rights issues facing all indigenous people


Opinions are changing much faster than expected.

Benjamin Bishin, associate professor of political science, on a recent survey that found 61 percent of California voters support allowing same-sex couples to wed and how support from Barrack Obama and other political leaders has been a factor in shifting attitudes toward same-sex marriage


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