Campus Safety Task Force To Make Recommendations

A task force on campus safety will look at transportation, security cameras, campus police and campus communication in the wake of several incidents surrounding campus

chancellor conoley speaking

UC RIverside Interim Chancellor Jane Close Conoley

Interim Chancellor Jane Close Conoley has formed a task force to discuss how to enhance campus safety, with representation from ASUCR, the Graduate Student Association, the Academic Senate, Staff Assembly, the UCPD, the Riverside Police Department, TAPS, and other interested groups.

Chaired by Charles Rowley, interim vice chancellor for financial and business operations, the task force will look at transportation, security cameras, campus police and campus communication in the wake of several armed robberies of students walking to and from campus.

Even though police were able to arrest the suspects, Conoley said the campus should look at whether there is anything the campus can do to prevent crime before it happens.

“By their very nature university campuses are accessible places,” said Conoley, in a recent message to campus. “We strive to keep an open and welcoming attitude while employing state of the art technology to protect our community. Your help and suggestions for greater security are always welcome.”

The first meeting is set for the first week of April, and a final report will be available by early June.

“The Task Force will host at least one “Open House” where all members of the campus community will be invited to share general thoughts on campus safety as well as specific feedback on UCR’s various safety and security programs and initiatives,” Rowley said.
Task Force Membership includes:


  • Charles Rowley, interim vice chancellor  

UC Faculty

  • David Glidden, professor of philosophy  
  • Subir Ghosh, professor of statistics   
  • Mary Droser, professor of geology  

Undergraduate Students

  • Kevin Jo, ASUCR, vice president of Internal Affairs  
  • Osama Khan, ASUCR community relations
  • Megan Crail, ASUCR BCOE senator 

Graduate Students

  • Danae Gmuer-Johnson, Ph.D. candidate, anthropology  
  • Henry Huang, GSA president   


  • Tim Willette, Staff Assembly president and FBO policy analyst  
  • Samantha Jobelius, accountability coordinator, Early Outreach   

Student Affairs

  • Romanie Arterberry, Student Affairs officer  

UCR Police Department

  • Mike Lane, UCR police chief   
  • John Freese, UCR assistant police chief  

Housing / Dining / Residence Halls

  • Susan Marshburn, Executive Director of Housing Services  

UCR Environmental Health and Safety

  • Russell Vernon, director of Environmental Health and Safety  

Riverside Police Department

  • Lieutenant Andy Flores, Riverside Police   

City of Riverside

  • Andy Melendrez, city councilman  

UCR Transportation and Parking Services

  • Greg Artman, interim director of Parking Services  

Media Contact

Tel: (951) 827-4756

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