News Update: Crime and Public Safety at UCR

Public forum set for noon on April 4 in HUB 302

To help maintain campus safety, 24-hour bicycle patrols in the UCR Housing areas adjacent to Linden Street and Canyon Crest have been established.

Several armed robberies of students have taken place in the last few weeks, both on- and off-campus. The robberies are unusual for UC Riverside, which has not seen such frequency of instances in recent years. Although many of the crimes have been resolved by arrests, students, faculty, staff, and parents are understandably concerned. A town hall on campus safety has been set for 12 noon on Thursday, April 4 at the Highlander Union Building (HUB). The presentation will also be webcast.

UCR’s Response: What is Being Done?

Immediate Actions:

  • Increased patrols by University of California Police and City of Riverside Police in areas near campus
  • Temporary reassignment of the UCPD University Neighborhood Enhancement Team officers to saturate the affected area.
  • 24-hour bicycle patrols in the UCR Housing areas adjacent to Linden Street and Canyon Crest
  • New surveillance video cameras being installed in cooperation with City of Riverside
  • Foliage and shrubbery pruning along sidewalks to increase openness, light levels
  • Establishment of UCR Task Force on Campus Safety with university and community representation
  • Night time lighting is being reviewed and will be improved where needed
  • Campus is reviewing options for a new neighborhood tram system to be used by students
  • University and local apartment owners are meeting with law enforcement to consider joint actions
  • New public awareness campaign launched, focusing on pedestrian safety corridors, and personal safety actions that can be taken
  • Since January, UCPD has partnered with the City of Riverside Police to identify and arrest numerous responsible suspects and current investigations are underway.

 Assets Already in Place

  • Armed, Uniformed Police Patrols [UC Police Department]
  • Community Service Officer Patrols [UC Police Department]
  • University Neighborhood Enforcement Team [UCPD in partnership with Riverside Police Dept.]
  • Video Surveillance Cameras and Emergency Call Boxes
  • Escort Service, Public Transit
  • Crime Prevention Trainings
  • Safety Walking Corridors
  • Emergency e-Notifications and Campus Alarm Siren
  • Crime Free Multi-Housing Program for complex owners and managers

UCR Task Force on Campus Safety

Charles Rowley, Interim Vice Chancellor

David Glidden, Professor of Philosophy
Subir Ghosh, Professor of Statistics
Mary Droser, Professor of Geology

Undergraduate Students
Kevin Jo, ASUCR, Vice President of Internal Affairs
Osama Khan, ASUCR Community Relations
Megan Crail, ASUCR BCOE Senator

Graduate Students
Danae Gmuer-Johnson, PhD Candidate, Anthropology
Henry Huang, GSA President

Tim Willette, Staff Assembly President and FBO Policy Analyst
Samantha Jobelius, Accountability Coordinator, Early Outreach

Student Affairs
Romanie Arterberry, Student Affairs, Student Affairs Officer

University of California Police
Mike Lane, UCR Police Chief
John Freese, UCR Assistant Police Chief

Housing / Dining / Residence Halls
Susan Marshburn, Executive Director of Housing Services

UCR Environmental Health and Safety
Russell Vernon, Director Environmental Health and Safety

Riverside Police Department
Lieutenant Andy Flores, Riverside Police

City of Riverside
Andy Melendrez, City Councilman

UCR Transportation and Parking Services
Greg Artman, Interim Director of Parking Service

Related Information

A University is Like A Small City

Universities are like small cities – with thousands of students, faculty, staff and visitors coming and going at all times. However, just like cities large and small, crime can happen anywhere. Violent crime at college campuses is generally rare; often lower than many specific neighborhoods, public beaches or parks, shopping malls and districts.

We Take Safety Seriously at UCR

The safety of our students, faculty, staff, and neighbors is of the utmost importance.  UC Riverside has its own police force, the University of California Police Department.  Our officers have power of arrest, and can carry firearms.  Our police watch closely for signs of crime on our campus, and in the neighboring areas – and we work closely with the City of Riverside Police Department and other law enforcement agencies.

Please Take Precautions

We urge our community members to pay special attention to their own safety – to look out for friends and neighbors, and report suspicious behavior.  Lock car doors, lock and chain bikes.  Don’t leave your valuables on display.

We also urge everyone to take precautions for their own safety – like using ride services and shuttles to prevent individuals from walking alone.  Call the UCR Escort Service if you would like someone to walk you home or to your car.  We ask you to stay to well-lighted areas with a lot of foot traffic at night.  We ask you to avoid walking while texting or with earphones that don’t allow you to be fully aware of your environment.

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