Dana Morita

Programmer Analyst, Web Developer for UCR Libraries

Dana Morita

Dana Morita

“I always forget how crowded the campus is around lunch time,” Dana Morita said.

The programmer analyst and Web developer for UCR Libraries usually eats lunch at her desk, but today she’s sitting in the shade by the bell tower, checking out the campus scenery and talking about her work and her family.

Morita develops and maintains Web applications, creates content and promotional graphics for websites, and works on an ever-growing number of projects aimed at improving the visibility and accessibility of the UCR Libraries’ Web presence.

She got her start at UCR as an undergraduate in BCOE. The computer science major quickly learned that she had a knack for creating websites and began devoting much of her free time to honing that skill.

Her work was quickly noticed and landed her a job as a student worker.

“I’ve been here ever since,” Morita said proudly.

Her path wasn’t without challenges; Morita had to deal with the many stigmas against women in math and science fields. Working through the gender bias, she pushed herself to succeed.

“It was sometimes a struggle because some people didn’t think I had what it takes to survive in this industry. It just made me work harder to prove them wrong. It empowered me to excel in things I never pictured myself doing before.”

Born and raised in Riverside, Morita met her husband at UCR while they were both students. Now, the couple have a 1-year-old daughter. Like most new parents, finding personal time is difficult. Still, Morita finds plenty to keep herself busy. She loves arts and crafts and keeps an active site of her work (scrappn.com). She also reviews iPhone and iPad apps and cases for Beatweek (beatweek.com), an online magazine.

One other hobby she’s particularly passionate about is digital photography. She said, “Ever since I got my first digital camera (in 1999), I became an avid photographer, capturing as many memories as I could. They weren’t always the best pictures, but I wanted a way to document and remember events and everyday things. If you talk to my colleagues, they can tell you how often they see me with a camera in my hands, not to mention how many times they have dodged it.” — Konrad Nagy

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