UCR students, staff and faculty can watch the Riverside International Film Festival (RIFF)  movies for free with a UCR identification card. The event starts today, April 17, to Sunday, April 21, at the  Riverside Regal Cinemas at Riverside Plaza.

There are films from Germany, India, Mexico, France, and co-productions from Romania, Italy, Brazil, Turkey, Israel and Russia. There are also independent films from Hollywood, and a student film competition.

A gala celebration is set for 6 to 8 p.m. Friday, April 19, at UCR’s Culver Center for the Arts in downtown Riverside. To view the complete schedule of films, go to www.riversidefilmfest.org/events/index.php

Mindful Breathing Exercises by Randy Stinnett, Psy.D.

The Wellness Workshop is hosting a four-week series called the Art and Science of Mindfulness for Stress Management. At one of the sessions, psychologist Randy Stinnett gave a class on the practice of mindfulness to benefit physical and emotional health. He gave the following mindful breathing tips for stress reduction and relaxation. Reducing stress improves attention and focus, boosts the immune system, cultivates positive emotions and promotes a general sense of well-being.

1. Inhale deeply through your nose, allowing the abdomen to expand and fill up with air. Keep the shoulders and the chest still.

2. Hold for two seconds.

3. Exhale through your mouth as if breathing through a straw. The exhale should be slow and long, as if there was a lit candle in front of your face and your exhale was so slow that it did not cause the flame to flicker.

4. As you breathe out, allow all tight or tense muscles to freely drop and relax (i.e., shoulders, jaw, neck, head, back, thighs, abdomen). With each repetition allow the body to relax even deeper while maintaining wakeful attention.

5. Practice for five minutes twice daily and whenever you notice you need it.

To take part in the series, go to  www.wellness.ucr.edu.


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