The loss of a young person is a terrible tragedy, and my understanding from those at Extension is that she was a talented and bright young woman who was going on to great accomplishments. We are sending condolences to her family.

Jane Close Conoley, interim chancellor, on Lu Lingzi, a former UC Riverside Extension student that was killed in the Boston Marathon explosions


It’s a first step towards developing solar cells that could actually be significantly more efficient than today.

Christopher Bardeen, professor of chemistry, on pentacene — a special coating that could dramatically improve the percentage of energy harvested from solar cells


Here in the United States we are falling woefully behind other countries on (math and science). The funding from the Southern California Gas Company is providing us with a means to reach hundreds of students by offering opportunities for their teachers to participate with scientists in learning current environmental issues they are facing.

Cameron Barrows, associate researcher at the Center for Conservation Biology, on the $10,000 environmental grant given by Southern California Gas Co. that will fund a two-day institute at the Palm Desert Center


Koreans always want to reach for number one status. The nation’s rapid economic growth has been about striving for the top spot.

Edward Chang, professor of ethnic studies, on musician Psy’s new release, “Gentleman,” and South Korea’s desire to see their culture being celebrated on a global scale


Making genetic material unpatentable is tantamount to destroying access to genetic tests based on the breakthroughs of the DNA era, because no business would invest capital in a product that anyone else can copy without consequences.

Michael Pirrung, distinguished professor of chemistry,distinguished professor of chemistry, on why patenting human genes is essential for innovative biomedical product development


The Monrovia peak was last burned in 1924. It’s an explosive carpet bomb basically ready to go off from Monrovia all the way over that mountain and down to the San Gabriel River on the other side.

Richard Minnich, Department of Earth Sciences Chair, on Monrovia being at a greater fire risk in the upcoming hot, dry season


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