A Conference About Finding the Common Ground

“The Ombuds and The F Word – (Fairness)” is the title of one of the sessions

Andrew Larratt-Smith, UC Riverside ombuds

Andrew Larratt-Smith, UC Riverside ombuds

RIVERSIDE, Calif. (www.ucr.edu) – The ombuds have  arrived at UC Riverside today for a daylong conference that includes a session called, “The Ombuds and The F Word – (Fairness)”.

That’s as edgy as it gets for these ombuds from public universities and corporate or non-profit organizations who spend their days solving problems quietly, and hopefully, wisely. They have to work within the bureaucracy, while staying empathetic to people who bring complex problems to their attention.“The highlight of the conference will be Collie Conoley’s presentation on Positive Empathy,” said Andrew Larratt-Smith, UCR’s Ombuds and the organizer of the conference at the Orbach Science Library.  Conoley is not only the husband of UCR Interim Chancellor Jane Close Conoley, but as a faculty member from UC Santa Barbara, his research field is in high demand in the Ombuds profession. Other sessions cover topics about how to withdraw from a case, and how to organize the right process to protect the anonymity of clients during visits to the office.

Universities and companies that provide this informal avenue to resolve disputes often save time, money and relationships. It gives people a chance to consider all sides of an issue, think creatively to explore different options, and take positive steps for changing and improving a troubled situation.

Larratt-Smith has been UCR’s Ombuds for two years. His office serves as an independent and confidential resource for the entire campus community – students, staff, faculty, applicants, parents, administrators.

His office is at 390 Surge, and he can be reached at: (951) 827-3213.

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