None of us wants to be the generation that lost the tree.

Georgios Vidalakis, UC cooperative extension specialist on plant pathology and microbiology, encouraging the production of a mesh enclosure around the historic 140-year-old navel orange tree that built Riverside's citrus industry in order to keep disease-carrying insects away


Recluse spiders usually avoid humans when people are active...They're named recluses for a reason, they don't come out. If he was up and about and walking around, it was unlikely to be a spider bite.

Doug Yanega, senior museum scientist at the Entomology Research Museum, on the unlikelihood that the death of Jeff Hanneman, co-founder and guitarist of the band, Slayer, was due to a brown recluse spider bite


There were multiple layers of challenges for a Mexican American woman doing what she did. (In the 1930s), it was hard for people to accept that a woman would take (music) as a career...For her, it was hard to be taken seriously as a guitarist.

Deborah Vargas, associate professor of ethnic studies, on Lydia Mendoza, a Mexican-American female singer who recently had a new stamp issued by the U.S. Postal Service that commemorates her as part of the new Music Icons series, and on how she made her mark in the male-dominated conjunto world


The public is pulling back from a notion that they should be … supporting the education of the next generation.

Jane Close Conoley, UCR’s interim chancellor, on the selection of UC Riverside and five other universities as a 'Next Generation University'


It was a discovery, not something we were looking for. But when we applied a thin layer of an ionic liquid on top of the nanotube film we noticed that the change of transparency is amplified 100 times and that the change in transparency occurs in the vicinity of one of the electrodes, so we started studying what causes these drastic changes and how to create transparency in controlled patterns.

Robert Haddon, distinguished professor of chemistry, on his and four other UCR scientists' (Feihu Wang, Mikhai Itkis and Elena Bekyarova) discovery that by adding ionic liquid they can modify the optical transparency of single-walled carbon nanotube films in a controlled pattern


The Colorado River is not yielding as much water as it used to, and so each region is going to have to be much more active in coming up with creative ways to maintain their water supplies in a sustainable manner. The demand for water is increasing, and the need for clean water is increasing, but the availability is decreasing.

Mark Matsumoto, professor of environmental engineering, on the increase of court cases over water rights and the management of groundwater in the years to come as demands grow on water supplies that are already under stress


I think in the long term it sets a precedence for employers, and I think certainly Walmart--who is not the only major retailer that uses warehouses to store their goods-and that all major corporations that do rely on warehouse workers that they need to be held accountable for the working conditions in those warehouses.

Ellen Reese, associate professor of sociology, on Carrillo v. Schneider, a class-action lawsuit filed in November, where plaintiff warehouse workers seek millions of dollars in reimbursement and penalties from Walmart and the contractors it hired to work at Walmart's distribution centers


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