It's really cool. If you turn the fruit upside down and cut it longways, it looks like a heart. It has a really interesting flavor.

Tracy Kahn, curator of UCR’s Citrus Variety Collection, on the Valentine, a new citrus fruit developed at UCR’s Agricultural Experiment Station - Citrus Research Center, that is part pummelo, part mandarin, and part ruby hybrid


There is a reasonable likelihood that that wasn't the only bag that was mixed.

Norman Ellstrand, a professor of genetics, on the investigation of Monsanto's rogue wheat that was not approved for use, found growing in Oregon


Today's report is very heartening because it demonstrates, along other recent rankings of scientific impact, that UC Riverside is a national leader with respect to both academic excellence and access.

Dallas Rabenstein, executive vice chancellor and provost, on UCR being among six institutions hailed in a national study by the New American Foundation as a 'Next Generation University' for success in enhancing student outcomes and maintaining robust research profiles despite economic pressures


If we say that moral reflection has only abstract value we lose something huge. Part of the justification of teaching business ethics, medical ethics and personal values is the hope that we can have a positive effect on the behavior of you and me.

Eric Schwitzgebel, professor of philosophy, on his and Joshua Rust's research, which finds that professional ethicists do not do better at demonstrating moral behavior


The research should push forward the frontiers of knowledge about death and immortality in various ways. I expect that we will advance our understanding of the prospects for increasing human longevity.

John M. Fischer, distinguished professor of philosophy, on The Immortality Project, a study on near-death experiences, belief in an afterlife, and genes that prevent a species of freshwater hydra from aging, among other phenomena


We've known about this form of behavioral resistance for a long time, but there really hasn't been an explanation as to exactly how this behavioral change occurred. This is a nice elegant little study that shows there has been a remarkable change in how the bitter and sweet receptors are working in the mouthparts of the cockroach.

Michael Rust, distinguished professor of entomology, on a study that explains how cockroaches have evolved a glucose-avoiding behavior and why certain cockroaches have been avoiding insecticide containing sugary bait


The warning gets there before the shaking does and this will allow for certain things to happen very, very rapidly, like the shutting down of gas lines and the stopping of trains, things like that.

David Oglesby, associate professor of geophysics, on a California bill calling for a statewide earthquake early-warning system


GMO technologies have been around since the early 1970s and have given us many useful produces, from human insulin to safer crops grown with fewer pesticides.

Alan McHughen, CE plant biotechnologist, on being in favor of genetically modified foods


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