UCR Extension Uses the “In-N-Out Incentive”

A tasty reward for staff and student workers for completing a mandatory training

Extension Staff Lines up for In-N-Out

Extension staff lines up to enjoy their In-N-Out burger. Photo by Alfredo Toribio

Karen Diamond with her In-N-Out lunch.

Karen Diamond, professional program coordinator for IEP, with her In-N-Out burger. Photo by Sharon Duffy

RIVERSIDE, Calif. — Sharon Duffy, dean of the University of California, Riverside Extension, was faced with a challenge. Her 190 staff and student employees needed to complete university-mandated injury and illness prevention training. But how could she get the employees to take the training without resorting to multiple reminders?

Then she had an idea: she would get all an In-N-Out burger, chips and a drink as thanks for completing the training.

“Using the promise of the In-N-Out truck as an incentive to reach almost 100% completion on the required training turned out to be a win-win experience for everyone,” said Duffy.  “Our staff took the training challenge seriously.”

But since the logistics of road-tripping with nearly 200 employees to the nearby Moreno Valley store would prove difficult, Duffy brought the burgers to the employees by hosting the In-N-Out Truck at the Extension campus on May 9.

In-N-Out box combo.

In-N-Out lunch – burger of your choice, chips and a soda.
Photo by Sharon Duffy

Within a two-hour span, In-N-Out served a total of 183 burgers, cheeseburgers, double-doubles, grilled cheeses and double meats to this hungry crowd; all served with a bag of chips and medium fountain drink.

Altogether, 190 staff and student workers were required to complete the three “Injury and Illness Prevention Plan” modules. Employees take the training online or attend an in-person training session. While there are still some who still need to complete the training, Duffy said the visit by the truck was an effective incentive tool.

“The lunch was festive and fun and it seemed that everyone had a personal In-N-Out story to tell,” Duffy said.

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