Charloff, Smith Honored with Non-Senate Faculty Teaching Awards

Awards recognize impact of teaching, contributions to the department and community outreach

RIVERSIDE, Calif.  — Senior Music Lecturer Ruth Charloff and Senior Statistics Lecturer Jill Smith were named recipients of Non-Senate Faculty Teaching Awards at the June meeting of the Citizens University Committee (CUC) on Wednesday, June 26, 2013.

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Jill Smith

The award recognizes the efforts of non-Senate faculty members, which includes non-tenured lecturers, adjunct professors and visiting professors. The selection criteria include the individual’s impact of teaching on campus, contributions to the department, overall contributions to the campus and outreach efforts to the community. It is presented as partnership between the CUC and the Office of Undergraduate Education at UCR.

“Many of the most effective and most inspiring teachers on campus are senior lecturers,” said Steven Brint, vice provost for Undergraduate Education. “They make a great contribution to the educational mission of the university.”

Non-Senate faculty makes up more than 25% of the academic personnel at UCR. Nominees were evaluated by a selection committee consisting of Leo Schouest, Kathy Bocian and Geoff Cohen, each of whom are previous winners of the award.

“Nearly a dozen letters of support accompanied the nominations of both Ruth and Jill. It is clear from these letters that both Ruth and Jill have made a tremendously positive contribution to the life of the campus, both in the classroom and beyond,” Brint said.

Charloff teaches conducting, instrumentation and music history and conducts of the UCR University Orchestra, the Chamber Orchestra and the Chamber Singers.

“Ruth is a truly exceptional educator, leader, and artist,” said Music Department Chair and Professor of Music History Walter Clark. “As a classroom instructor and as conductor of several major ensembles, she has long inspired our students through her dedication, hard work, and creative imagination.”

“Ruth’s symphony orchestra and choral singers give magnificent performances every year,” Brint said. “The creativity and depth of Ruth’s programming is well known among those on campus who attend the concerts.”

“The recognition is very affirming, and I appreciate the opportunity to hear about how I’ve affected others,” Charloff said. “I especially appreciate the university’s recognition that what goes on in performance ensembles is real teaching and learning, and that it’s important — that what we offer students is an opportunity to weave together artistic, social, intellectual, emotional and intuitive experiences into something whole and committed.”

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Ruth Charloff

Charloff was nominated by Clark and Professor of Biology Richard Cardullo, who sings in the chamber choir and has long been an admirer of Charloff.

Smith has been teaching introductory statistics and use of statistics in particular disciplines at UCR for the last five years. In addition to her teaching duties, she has also served as faculty mentor to the undergraduate Statistics Club.

“It is truly an honor to receive this award,” Smith said. “I would like to dedicate it to the students I have taught while being a faculty member here at UC Riverside over the past five years. To me, the most rewarding part of teaching is knowing that I have made a positive impact on a student’s life. Out of twenty-three years of teaching, these past five years here have been among the most rewarding.”

“She is a truly inspirational instructor,” said Subir Ghosh, former chair of the Department of Statistics. “She is a leader who engages our undergraduate students in community activities and exposes them to the real world applications of their education.”

“Jill has made comparable contributions to the life of the community in the teaching of statistics and mentoring of statistics students,” Brint said. “She is a greatly-appreciated teacher of introductory statistics.  Students speak to the clarity and interest of her lectures and her concern that students understand the course materials fully.”

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