You have to be a tough nut to be a dissident, but those same qualities don't always serve them well outside China.

Perry Link, distinguished professor of comparative literature and foreign languages, on Chen Guangcheng, a blind legal advocate who challenged the Chinese government and escaped from China, and the difficulties he faces in adapting to American politics


(International students are taking) a shopping tour for their university studies. We want to give them the full experience. We feel that if (they) have a really solid experience here, they're more likely to come back.

Bronwyn Jenkins-Deas, director of International Education Programs, on outreach efforts to international students


I'm pleased to name Coach Jim Wooldridge as our Interim Athletics Director. Through his service to his scholar-athletes and to the UCR community, Jim has stressed the best aspects of learning, competition, and achievement. He will be a significant resource for the university and the department as we move forward.

Jane Close Conoley, interim chancellor, on the appointment of Jim Wooldridge as interim athletics director


(Video games) increase aggressive cognition. They increase aggressive feelings, behaviors, and they decrease prosocial behaviors — like sharing or empathy.

Derek Burill, associate professor of media and cultural studies, on research that links violent video games and aggressive behavior.


Drugs used as sleep aids such as zolpidem and benzodiazepines are understudied. There are many side effects that may be subtle and unexpected. … I was surprised by the specificity of the results, that the emotional memory improvement was specifically for the negative and high-arousal memories, and the ramifications of these results for people with anxiety disorders and PTSD.

Sara Mednick, assistant professor of psychology, on the side effects of sleep aids


In areas lacking brown recluses, doctors routinely make bite diagnoses… If brown recluse spiders were truly responsible for these wounds as doctors claim, then brown recluse spiders should be readily found in these areas.

Rick Vetter, entomology researcher, on brown recluse spiders and the unwarranted fear of their bites


They're losing trees in Florida left and right and it's really hard to keep an industry going because trees have a very short life.

Tracy Kahn, curator of UCR’s Citrus Variety Collection, on the discovery of Asian citrus psyllid insects on the 140-year-old Eliza Tibbets tree in Riverside, known as the parent of navel orange trees the world over, and efforts by citizens and researchers to save the tree


We're interested in looking at how to control the spiders in the urban environment and around homes.

Kathleen Campbell, entomology researcher, on research being done on brown widow spiders and how the entomology department is asking people to send in live specimens


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