Reza Abbaschian Awarded Albert Sauveur Achievement Award

Reza Abbaschian, William R. Johnson, Jr. Family Professor and dean of the Bourns College of Engineering,  has been named by ASM International as the recipient of the Albert Sauveur Achievement Award for 2013. The award will be presented at the Materials Science & Technology 2013 Conference and Exhibition in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, from Oct. 27 to 31. The award recognizes Abbaschian as an “outstanding scientist and researcher in solidification fundamentals and materials processing, educator and leader in advancing the materials profession.”

Jerome S. Schultz Elected ACS and AIChE Fellow

Jerome S. Schultz, a distinguished professor and chair of the Department of Bioengineering, has been elected as Fellow of American Chemical Society (ACS) and The American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE). He was recognized for his research initiatives in the areas of biosensors and synthetic membranes.

Grad Student Writes Book on First Female Rocket Scientist — His Mother

George Morgan, a graduate student in the low-residency, M.F.A. in creative writing and writing for the performing arts program in Palm Desert, has published a nonfiction book, “Rocket Girl: The Story of Mary Sherman Morgan, America’s First Female Rocket Scientist” (Prometheus Books, 2013). The book is a nonfiction account of Mary Sherman Morgan, the first female rocket scientist and his mother.

Published in paperback, it was an Amazon Best Book of the Month, Nonfiction, for July.

“Rocket Girl” tells the story of Mary Sherman Morgan’s crucial contributions to the development of a new rocket fuel that powered the country’s first satellite, Explorer 1, and her son’s determination to uncover his mother’s lost legacy.

George Morgan first wrote “Rocket Girl” as a play, which was performed at Caltech. The production was so well-received that it earned Morgan a position as playwright-in-residence there. Morgan is a member of the Writers Guild of America.

New Assistant Vice Chancellor for Governmental and Community Relations

Sue McKee was appointed assistant vice chancellor for governmental and community relations. McKee, who previously served as UCR’s director of state relations and interim director of governmental and community relations for the campus, has had 21 years of experience at UCR.

McKee will continue to have primary responsibility for state relations.  She will also oversee the local, regional, and federal advocacy functions of the campus.

Weihsin Gui’s New Book Receives Critical Acclaim

Weihsin Gui’s new book, “National Consciousness and Literary Cosmopolitics: Postcolonial Literature in a Global Moment” (Ohio State University Press, August 2013), is receiving acclaim from important scholars in the field of postcolonial literary studies.

In “National Consciousness,” Gui argues that postcolonial literature written within a framework of globalization “still takes nationalism seriously rather than dismissing it as obsolete,” according to the publisher. “Authors and texts often regarded as cosmopolitan, diasporic, or migrant actually challenge globalization’s tendency to treat nations as absolute and homogenous sociocultural entities.”

Bishnupriya Ghosh, professor of English at UC Santa Barbara, called Gui’s book a “well-written and carefully executed monograph in postcolonial and Anglophone literary studies. Weihsin Gui’s knowledge of his field is erudite, and his aligning of salient critical perspectives is precise yet rich.”

“Few books have as good a feel as this one does for literature’s contribution to the ongoing challenge of figuring out what comes after globalization,” said John Marx, associate professor of English at UC Davis. “By making connections among disparate theories and fields of literature, Weihsin Gui shows how the next generation of postcolonial critics will be renovating literary study, especially study dedicated to thinking about literature in social and political terms. The future of postcolonial scholarship, in short, is available now in this volume.”

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