Event to Discuss Libraries of the Future

Library will host event led by renowned leader in library and IT technologies.

Joan K. Lippincott

Given the evolving nature of technology and the societal impacts of technological changes, libraries of the future must consider how best to adapt and serve patrons and scholars alike.

To address these issues, the libraries host a public presentation and discussion on Oct. 28 from 10 a.m. to noon in HUB 355. The event is free and open to the public.

The presentation will be led by keynote speaker Joan Lippincott, associate executive director of the Coalition of Networked Information (CNI), who is an international leader in library and information technologies.

Lippincott will address issues such as the future of libraries and librarians, digital scholarship, learning commons, the design of effective learning spaces in universities and the need for collaboration between libraries, central IT operations and related organizations for the academic success of students and faculty.

Steven Mandeville-Gamble, university librarian, hopes the discussion will help the campus’ libraries embrace new technologies and recent innovations.

“The roles that libraries – and librarians – play on campus are in a state of radical transformation.  If libraries do not make a radical leap in reinventing themselves, the entire academic enterprise could suffer,” he said. “Lippincott will engage the UCR community in a lively discussion of emerging trends and some of the more innovative adaptations taking place in academic libraries around the world.”

Others look forward to a collaborative process and input from the campus community.

“Joan is a visionary thinker in the world of education and information,” said Michele Potter, president of the Librarians Association of the University of California, Riverside (LAUC-R). “We are seeking campus input and involvement as much as possible in the process of creating a great 21st century library that will meet and anticipate the needs of our students, instructors and researchers. We hope that UCR faculty, staff and students will come to the presentation and be inspired along with us.”

“Since the library is going through a strategic planning process, seeking outside observations from experts in the field of education and information will help to inspire creative ideas and comments from both the library staff and the campus community,” said Sarah Allison, Library Staff Associate (LSA) president. “This event will help the university and people who attend to understand how to create the next generation of libraries.”

For more information about the event, contact Sarah Allison at sarah.allison@ucr.edu or Michele Potter at michele.potter@ucr.edu.

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