It's Dr. King's most under-appreciated speech. Former supporters, black as well as white, backed away from this too compassionate, too radical, too political King.

Vorris Nunley, associate professor of English, on Martin Luther King Jr.'s underrated sermon, A Time to Break the Silence (1967)


Looking at the implications of a vegetarian diet on longevity, there is data that suggests vegetarians of various types live longer than nonvegetarians.

Paul Lyons, senior associate dean for education at UCR's School of Medicine, on the association of a vegetarian diet and longer lifespans


You would have to drive that brand new diesel truck 143 miles to put out the same mass of particles as one charbroiled hamburger.

Bill Welch, UCR CE-CERT's principle development engineer, on the particulate pollution emitted from charbroiled food


There is such a pressure in academia to consistently publish papers that people feel whether they're aware of it or not that producing publishable research is more important than producing credible research.

Kevin Esterling, professor of political science, on the reasoning behind the incorrect conclusions that plague social science research


We're not going to make normal rainfall this winter. We are in what's called a La Nada — the neutral phase of the El Niño cycle. The last El Niño or wet year was 2010-11, and we've been dry ever since.

Richard Minnich, professor of geography, on California's drought cycle


Students need to double- and triple-check the information they receive to make sure it's OK, because at the end of the day it's going to fall back on that student whether they're able to transfer out or not.

Ricardo Vargas, assistant director of transfer recruitment and evaluations, advising prospective transfers to maintain and research the GPA requirements of their desired four-year university


Being in one of the sunniest regions in the world, Inland Southern California is perfectly positioned to be a focal point for the solar energy industry.

Ronald Loveridge, director of UCR's Center for Sustainable Suburban Development, on the Solar Energy Conference that UCR is hosting on Feb. 6. Topics on the environmental, economic, scientific and policy implications of solar energy will be discussed


Our study confirms Darwin's observations and numerous anecdotal reports of island tameness.

Theodore Garland, professor of biology, on his research showing how island species are tamer than their land counterparts


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