They'll fight anything that could add to their costs. That's why we have an FDA (Food and Drug Administration) — to make sure consumers have enough information to make informed decisions about drugs.

Mindy Marks, associate professor of economics, on how the generic drug company is resisting the FDA's attempt to provide consumers with more information about the health risks of prescription drugs


The results open a new field of research, which may have tremendous impact on the development of new logic and memory devices.

Alexander Khitun, associate adjunct professor of electrical engineering, on a holographic memory device that could improve storage capacity and processing capabilities in electronics


What I decided to do with this app is to take everything I know and try to stick it together into a program that was designed to create the biggest learning effect. ... This is something which I think could help almost anybody.

Aaron Seitz, associate professor of psychology, on his brain-training app that has improved the vision of college baseball players by as much as two lines on an eye chart


Increasing block-rate water budgets appear to be a highly effective price-based conservation tool that does not require significantly increasing the average price paid for water.

Ken Baerenklau, associate professor of environmental science,on block-rate water budgets


I think the fact there is significant amount of tin in these (e-cigarettes) is important - this means the people using this product are going to be inhaling the tin.

Prue Talbot, professor of cell biology, on the harmful effects of e-cigarettes


When you try to have people understand you, and they haven't experienced what you've experienced, you might as well be from Mars.

Carolyn Murray, professor of psychology, on a study that says that mental health professionals often do not understand what African-American patients are going through


Deserts account for about one-third of Earth’s land area. If our findings in the Mojave can be extrapolated to deserts worldwide, the amount of nitrate – and nitrogen – stored in near-surface soils of warm deserts would need to be re-estimated.

Robert Graham, professor of soil mineralogy, on a UCR-led study that found a large source of nitrate, a potential water contaminant, in the near-surface soils of the Mojave Desert



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