Exhibit on “Freedom Schools”

The “Children, Youth, and Civil Rights, 1951-1968: A Student Exhibit” is now on display in the Orbach Science Library till March 25.

It includes photos, newspaper articles, and other materials on young people’s contributions to civil rights campaigns in Prince Edward County, Va.; Little Rock, Ark.; Birmingham, Ala.,; Philadelphia, Pa.,; and Los Angeles. Materials on the school boycotts and “Freedom Schools” in Mississippi, New York City, Chicago, and Milwaukee are also featured.

The exhibit is sponsored by the UCR Department of History, The Riverside NAACP, and The Inlandia Institute.

For more information, contact V.P. Franklin, distinguished professor of history and education: vp.franklin@ucr.edu.

An Innovative Approach to Promote Water Use Efficiency

Kenneth Baerenklau

Kenneth Baerenklau

A UCR study shows that “block-rate water budgets” encourage households to conserve water.

Increasing block-rate water budgets are an innovative type of escalating tiered price structure in which the consumption block sizes are based on household characteristics, environmental conditions, and a judgement by the water utility with regard to what constitutes “efficient” water use given those characteristics and conditions.

In these water budgets, prices are set relatively low for the most essential uses of water but then increase with usage. The price structure more accurately reflects the cost of supplying water and thus sends a more appropriate price signal to customers regarding water scarcity.

“Our research helps to clarify one of the main benefits — water conservation — at a time when the state is coping with an extreme drought and expecting a drier and more variable climate in the future,” said Kenneth Baerenklau, associate professor of environmental economics policy.

The study, the first to estimate the conservation potential of water budget rate structures, was funded by the Easter Municipal Water District (EMWD). Results have been accepted for publication in the journal Land Economics.

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