Seana Nuñez-Grider

Senior Staff Employment and Development Analyst

Seana Nuñez-Grider, the senior staff employment and development analyst in Human Resources Department, says she ended up in human resources accidentally.

“My internship got me to UCR, and when my internship ended, I was offered a part-time position in training. After trying it out, I started training and fell in love with it. So I never really intended to be in human resources, it just stuck and every job I have had since then has been in human resources,” says Nuñez-Grider with a smile.

She spends most of her time designing and implementing training and instructional programs, contacting speakers and creating in-depth research on various topics.

Nuñez-Grider is also involved in various programs in her department, such as the Building Core Supervisory Competencies Program, the Management Skills Assessment Program and the Diversity Certificate Program.

And although Nuñez-Grider never intended to go into the field of human resources, her interest was sparked by the opportunities she received at UCR.

“That’s what I like the best about UCR. There’s really so many chances to do and try different things here. You never have to be bored or unhappy, you just have to take a risk in trying something new.”

A self-proclaimed foodie, Nuñez-Grider is often found with her husband, a chef, enjoying new cuisines and restaurants. Out-of-the-ordinary dishes that she’s tried include duck-fat fries, pork belly sandwiches and bone marrow.

“My husband and I love anything that deals with food, but I also love to cook,” says Nuñez-Grider. People assume that with a chef for a husband, she doesn’t have to cook. “Totally not true. … My signature dish is my hand-ground hamburgers. I buy different cuts of meat and grind them together to make one-third pound burgers.”  — Bethanie Le 

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