The aging of American farmers coupled with fewer students in agriculture studies and the fact that so many younger people don't look at it as a profession to get into is very worrisome.

Milt McGiffen, plant physiologist, concerned about the future of American farming due to the scarcity of young farmers.


The reason we write fiction is to make you feel something.

Susan Straight, professor of creative writing, on the end goal that she wants to achieve with her writing


The importance of the genome architecture was initially thought to be critical for only higher eukaryotes. But we found, to our surprise, that the genome architecture is closely linked to virulence even in the case of the malaria parasite.

Karine Le Roch, associate professor of cell biology, on the UCR-led research where a 3D model of the human malaria parasite genome at three different stages has been generated


In the past, Washington-based insider groups worried that being too critical of the president would endanger efforts to pass immigration reform. With immigration reform stalled, attention is shifting to deportations.

Karthick Ramakrishnan, associate professor of political science, on the multiple protests around the U.S. that is urging President Barack Obama to issue a moratorium on deportations. This reflects the immigrant-rights advocates' waning hope for immigration reform this year.


I think the more people see about costs, the better. So much of health-care costs are sort of hidden; they get passed through insurance, passed on to workers. So I don't mind a little consumer outrage at the high treatment costs.

Mindy Marks, associate professor of economics, on her support for the release of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services' data,saying that it could help patients make better decisions about care


What this paper is about is this idea that traditionally in civil-rights movements, groups that press for rights are routinely told don't go too fast, don't go too far or there will be backlash.

Benjamin Bishin, associate professor of political science, on the paper, 'Testing Backlash: The Influence of Political Institutions on Public Attitudes Toward Gay Rights,' that he co-authored. The paper covers the fear of backlash that has been used to discourage litigation over equality


If you don't have a vector like a psyllid, no big deal, but when you have a vector alive and moving around, then you have a big problem.

Elizabeth Grafton-Cardwell, research entomologist, on how the presence of a certain insect poses a serious risk to citrus


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