UCR Prof. Eddie Comeaux Comments on NBA/Donald Sterling Situation

Commends actions of Commissioner Silver, challenges all to document and overcome racism

Asst. Professor Eddie Comeaux

Asst. Professor Eddie Comeaux

RIVERSIDE, Calif. — Assistant Professor Eddie Comeaux of the UC RIverside, Graduate School of Education, whose research interests include athletics and social justice, shared some of his thoughts regarding the Donald Sterling/NBA situation:

“I am not the least bit surprised by the recent racist remarks by Clippers owner Donald Sterling, given that he has a history of racist behavior- from denying housing to Blacks and Latinos to his relationship with former Clippers GM, Elgin Baylor. In fact it was reported that Baylor believed Sterling had a ‘plantation mentality.'”

“I commend the NBA commissioner, players, President Obama, and other stakeholders for their firm stance on Sterling, demonstrating that there is no tolerance for racism in the NBA. Commissioner Silver’s stance in particular is a very significant message for sports going forward.”

“My only challenge for everyone is that we not only document and challenge glaring forms of racism, but also the more vague and subtle forms of everyday racism that continue to create racial hierarchies in our society.”

A former collegiate and professional athlete (baseball), Comeaux is an assistant professor of higher education in the Graduate School of Education His profile can be found at http://facultyprofiles.ucr.edu/gsoe_dept/faculty/Eddie_Comeaux/index.html. He is available to conduct radio, television and print interviews.

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