UC Riverside Professor Aims to Amplify the Voice of Asian Americans

AAPI Voices follows a new media model of infographics and curated content

Karthick Ramakrishnan

Karthick Ramakrishnan, associate professor of political science

RIVERSIDE, Calif. (www.ucr.edu) – A UC Riverside Professor of Political Science, Karthick Ramakrishnan, is part of a new venture in data journalism and digital storytelling produced by, and focused on, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPIs).

“The United States is set to become a majority-minority, or majority-people of color, nation by 2043,” Ramakrishnan said. “Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders are central to this process, with the fastest rates of population growth nationwide and in many states. Despite the growing importance of AAPI communities, their policy visibility has been limited until recently due to the lack of public awareness and limited data.”

Ramakrishnan hopes to change that with AAPI Voices (http://www.aapivoices.com/) which will draw content from his own AAPI Data site, as well as 18MR.org, a site headed by C. M. Samala.  Themes will include health, culture, race, immigration, generational issues, and questions about when Asian America should be a coalition of different ethnicities, or a single pan-ethnic “race.”

In curating the work, the team is drawing on the assistance and editorial guidance of Jeff Yang, a writer, journalist, businessman, and business/media consultant who writes the “Tao Jones” column for the Wall Street Journal.  AAPI Voices will feature data journalism work during APA Heritage Month in May 2014 and May 2015, with plans to provide a more regular platform for AAPI writers and bloggers during the months in between.

On Wednesday, May 7 at noon in Washington D.C, Ramakrishnan will talk about the effort when he is one of several speakers at a discussion called “The Emerging Majority: Where do Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders Fit In?”  The event, organized by Ramakrishnan and his AAPIdata.com project will, for the first time, bring together several nonprofit organizations and government agencies that conduct research and produce reports on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.  The aim of this event is to showcase these reports in a centralized manner, and to help policy audiences get a more comprehensive sense of the various research efforts underway on AAPIs.

This event will take place at the National Council of La Raza (NCLR), 1126 16th St NW # 600, Washington, DC 20036, as part of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month in Washington, DC.

Reserve a space at the May 7 event here: http://aapidata.com/events/apahm-may7-2014/  After May 7, this page will also include presentation slides and reports featured at this historic gathering.


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