Alumni Office Awards Parent of the Year

Chancellor Kim Wilcox (left), Juan Fernandez, and his daughter Emmeline at the Parents Association Meeting.

Chancellor Kim Wilcox (left), Juan Fernandez, and his daughter Emmeline at the Parents Association Meeting.

At the May 3 Parents Association Meeting the 2014 Parent of the Year award was presented to Juan Fernandez by his daughter Emmeline and Chancellor Wilcox. The award was established in 1989 by the UCR Alumni Association to recognize UCR parents who make personal sacrifices to benefit children and whose lives have been an inspiration to their children and to others. Students were asked to submit an essay speaking to the dedication and sacrifice their families have made. More than 60 nominations were submitted this year.

Emmeline’s parents and older sister were in a car accident that left her father in a coma for a period and the remainder of the year in a rehabilitation facility. He suffered permanent injuries impacting his eyesight and hearing. When Emmeline created her own nonprofit organization to feed the homeless, her father joined her on feeding rounds and preparing and serving food. Juan’s efforts to become a certified electrician after the accident were a source of inspiration to Emmeline: “Juan Fernandez, my inspiration, my hero, proved that with hard work and determination, anything is possible.”

Grad students Yiding Liu and Nick Yaraghi win awards at a materials conference

UC Riverside graduate students have been receiving some noteworthy awards and honors lately.  Yiding Liu, who works with Associate Professor of Chemistry Yadong Yin, has won the Graduate Student Silver Award at the Materials Research Society spring meeting in San Francisco.  At the same meeting, Nick Yaraghi, who works with Associate Professor David Kisailus, won the “Best Poster Award” for his work on “Toughening Mechanisms in the Impact-Resistant Stomatopod Dactyl Club.”  Finally, Chung Hee Moon and Sarah Bobek, both graduate students in material science and engineering, received Dissertation Year Fellowships for 2014.

Alumna Karen Lynn Dodson is one of 35 women leaders in Minnesota recognized by the Women’s Health Leadership TRUST

UC Riverside alumna Karen Lynn Dodson is one of 35 women leaders in Minnesota who were recognized on April 29 by the Women’s Health Leadership TRUST for exemplifying “leadership excellence in the health care industry.”  Receiving the honor on the 35th anniversary of the Women’s Health Leadership TRUST, the women were selected based on achievements, evidence of leadership, impact on community, special talent or expertise, unique endeavors, and the challenges they have experienced.

Dodson graduated from UCR with a bachelor’s degree in biology in 1985.  Today, she is the senior vice president of operations of the National Marrow Donor Program/Be The Match, a global leader in bone marrow transplantation.  In this capacity, she oversees the daily operations and strategic development of scientific services, repository services, case management, adult donor management and cord blood operations.

Founded in 1979, the Women’s Health Leadership TRUST has played an integral role in advancing in women health care executives, providing development, promotion and education of women health care leaders.  The organization has more than 300 members.

Jan E. Stets will become editor of Social Psychology Quarterly (SPQ) in August

Sociology professor Jan E. Stets will become editor of Social Psychology Quarterly (SPQ) in August along with Richard T. Serpe of Kent State University. The journal, published by the American Sociological Association, is the premier outlet for scholars who approach social science inquiry using diverse social psychological theories and methods.

The journal publishes a wide range of social psychological articles and is a strong outlet for both North American and European scholars from different disciplines who approach their work from a variety of social psychological research programs/paradigms, Stets said.

Social Psychology Quarterly is an important outlet for sociologists working in such areas as mental and physical health, emotions, race, class, gender, family, and culture,” she explained. “It also is the journal of choice for psychologists who wish to extend their work to include social structural influences. These facts add to the relevance of SPQ beyond those scholars who work within the traditional programs and research paradigms of sociological social psychology: symbolic interactionism, group processes, and social structure and personality.”

Stets said that she and Serpe hope to encourage social psychological theory and research which focuses on current events and social issues/problems as well as the newest trends in research, such as the impact of the recession on changing family structures, mental and physical health, and family interaction patterns; the influence of same-sex marriage laws on interpersonal relationships; the effect of immigration and the changing face of social interaction that diversity brings; and the effects of genetics and neurology on individual outcomes (including behavior and emotions) and interaction processes (such as exchange relations and group dynamics).

“There clearly are many more issues of the day that are in the mainstream conversation including global warming, health care, unemployment, our educational crisis, and our aging population that are being studied using a social psychological lens that we would like to capture,” she added.

Stets has published more than a dozen articles in SPQ, and she has been an editorial board member of the journal. Her previous experience as a program officer at the National Science Foundation (2008-2010) provides additional expertise to editing the social psychology journal.


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