So why is has it been so difficult? For one thing, you can’t farm spiders like silkworms for large-scale silk production. It would be like trying to rear and farm tigers. Because spiders are predatory, they are not very easy.

Cheryl Hayashi, professor of biology, on spider silk production


A goodwill ambassador trip is important not only for Riverside, but America as well, to maintain healthy relationships with people in other countries at the personal level.

Loren Collingwood, assistant professor of political science, on competing in the Sendai, Japan, half-marathon with Jacqueline Lutz. Each year Riverside sends two runners — one male and one female — to its sister city Sendai for the race


Plexus was unlike any other fossil that we know from the Precambrian.

Mary L. Droser, professor of geology, on Plexus ricei, a fossil of a new organism from the Ediacaran period of geologic time that was discovered by UCR scientists


When the infestation is on the trunk, there is nothing that can be done and the tree will die.

Akif Eskalen, assistant plant pathologist, on bark canker disease that is developed from a fungus hosted by the western bark beetle and how it is threatening California's coast live oaks


The process can be slow and tedious. We have since transitioned the mass production of wasps to CDFA and they are working with financial support from USDA to mass rear and release the parasites.

Mark Hoddle, director of the Center for Invasive Species Research, on how the U.S. Department of Agriculture is expanding the use of the wasp in order to fight citrus greening in California


In the view of the officials these are two different cases, she was having an affair, that's one case. But she was raped, that's another. ... They will focus on the woman, not the eight men and that's the problem.

Muhamad Ali, assistant professor of religious studies, on how a 25-year-old Indonesian woman who was gang-raped by eight men for committing adultery may face public caning in violation of Shari'ah Law


Besides giving us a glimpse of what will be required for a practical device if it is ever attempted, including details of the (radio frequency) pulse structure that would be needed, this paper introduces the fascinating physics that could be explored using a (Bose Einstein condensate).

Allen P. Mills, professor of physics and astronomy, on research on how to build gamma-ray lasers powered by an exotic hybrid of matter and antimatter


Graphene is a wonderful material...Since it is both transparent and electrically conductive, it has tremendous potential as the transparent electrode in monitors, displays, solar cells and touch screens.

Jeanie Lau, professor of physics, on the business potential of graphene


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