Liam Dow Gives UC Riverside Third Consecutive Coro Fellowship Recipient

The graduate-level experiential leadership training program teaches effective and ethical leadership in the public affairs arena

Liam Dow

Liam Dow is the third consecutive Coro Fellow to come from UC Riverside. Photo by Ross French

RIVERSIDE, Calif. — University of California, Riverside senior business major Liam Dow got an early graduation present this month when he was named the recipient of a Coro Fellowship. This is the third consecutive year that a UCR graduate has received a Coro Fellowship. In 2012, Larry Chung was named recipient, and in 2013 Akhil Rao received the honor.

Dow, a native of the Bay Area and who served as Associated Students UCR President 2012–13, will be graduating in June with a bachelor’s degree in business. He is currently chairman of the Student Service Fee Advisory Committee.

“It has been a pleasure working with Liam. He continuously optimizes opportunities to develop. He entered the application process knowing that it was a learning experience that he would gain from regardless of winning.  He has proven that his drive and energy will help him achieve any goal he sets for himself,”  said Gladis Herrera-Berkowitz, director of the University Honors Program. “I am optimistic about the impacts he will make in Coro and as he enters his professional career.”

The Coro Fellowship is a full-time, nine month, graduate-level experiential leadership training program that teaches effective and ethical leadership in the public affairs arena, providing participants with great opportunities for personal and professional growth. Formed in San Francisco in 1942 to provide leadership training to soldiers returning from World War II, the program’s notable alumni include Senator Dianne Feinstein, Representatives Jerry Lewis, Anna Eshoo and Vic Fazio, and former Virginia Governor Tim Kaine.

“UCR is very proud to have three consecutive CORO Fellows,” Herrera-Berkowitz said. “CORO has recognized the strength of UCR students in meeting the profile of their selected candidates and has worked closely with the Rhodes/Marshall Program to recruit applicants.”

“I think it says a great deal about UCR maturing into a premier university… this is yet another piece of evidence to suggest that UCR is producing top tier graduates,” said Chung, who currently serves as special assistant to Speaker Emeritus John A. Pérez in the California State Assembly. “Coro is the most prestigious and premier post graduate fellowship in the nation for those who want to pursue a career in public affairs or public service.”

Dow said that he was honored to be accepted to the program, and that he is excited about what he will have the opportunity to learn during his experience.

“I’m hoping to learn how different sectors in the public affairs arena work together to create mutually benefiting relationships with each other,” Dow said. “I’m also interested in non-profit work and believe the Coro will provide hands-on experiences and give me insight into how these different entities operate.”

Dow said that he has spoken with both Chung and Rao about what he can expect during the fellowship, adding that Chung had a great influence on him throughout the application process.

“Larry Chung actually introduced me to Coro and is one of the main reasons I applied in the first place,” Dow said.

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