Chancellor’s Research Fellowships Announced for 2014­–15

$5,000 fellowship can be used to offset costs for research or creative activity, including materials, supplies, and travel expenses

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Recipients of the 2014-15 Chancellor’s Research Fellowship were introduced on Friday, June 6, 2014. Photo by Ross French

RIVERSIDE, Calif. — Thirteen undergraduate students from the University of California, Riverside will receive $5,000 stipends that can be used to cover research- or creative-activity related expenses during the 2014-15 academic year as part of the Chancellor’s Research Fellowship (CRF) program.

The recipients of the third-annual fellowships were announced on Friday, June 6, 2014 in HUB 355 as part of a celebration of undergraduate research hosted by the Office of Undergraduate Research that also featured the unveiling of the eighth annual UCR Undergraduate Research Journal.

The CRF program, which is now in its third year, got a boost in February following a generous endowment by UCR Chancellor Kim A. Wilcox and his wife, Diane Del Buono, that allowed the program to offer a 13th fellowship.

“That’s the goal, to add one more fellowship each year,” Wilcox said during the presentation. “There are so many deserving students out there.”

A total of 56 students applied for the fellowship, according to Veronique Rorive, director of educational initiatives. The fellows were selected by a faculty review committee, and each application proposal was read and rated by two faculty members in related fields.


The 2013-14 Undergraduate Research Journal. Photo by Ross French

“As fellows, these 13 undergraduate students will work closely with their faculty mentors to undertake their proposed research activities; and among other activities, meet biannually with Chancellor Wilcox, and present their findings at the 2015 Undergraduate Symposium for Research, Scholarly, or Creative Activity,” she said.

In addition to the fellowship, the eighth annual edition of the student-edited multi-disciplinary University of California Riverside Undergraduate Research Journal was unveiled. Sponsored by the vice provost for Undergraduate Education, it features the very best faculty-mentored undergraduate research and scholarship accomplished on our campus. The peer review process is managed by the Student Editorial Board (SEB) with guidance from the Faculty Advisory Board (FAB), and logistic support from Undergraduate Education’s Educational Initiatives. The full text of the journal can be found online at

Chancellor’s Research Fellows for 2014–15

The following students were selected as fellows (with department, title of project, and faculty mentor):

Allison Cid, Microbiology
The determination of the effects of O-methylation on the dehydration and/or desiccation resistance in the cell walls of moss and tobacco plants.
Faculty Mentor: Eugene Nothnagel

James Colbath*, Biology
Are mice “born to run”; resistant to muscle injuries and/or better able to recover from such injuries?
Faculty Mentor: Theodore Garland

Iliana Cordova, Psychology
Electronic cigarette chemicals and their effects on neural differentiation.
Faculty Mentor: Prue Talbot

Mark Forde*, Political Science/International Relations
Triggering uprisings and regime change through political assassinations.
Faculty Mentor: David Pion-Berlin

Elma Frias, Neuroscience and Music
Investigating morphological changes of astrocytes and their role in glutamate release during Toxoplasma gondii infection.
Faculty Mentor: Emma Wilson, Biomedical Sciences

Matthew Leitao, Psychology
Coping: How tone affects couples ability to support one another.
Faculty Mentor: Megan Robbins

Martha Nunez Ornelas, Physics and Astronomy
Search for supersymmetry with the CMS detector at the Large Hadron Collider.
Faculty Mentor: Bill Gary

Nicole Perez*, Psychology
University student attitudes and behaviors towards cognitive enhancement drugs.
Faculty Mentor: Kate Sweeny

Geoffrey Pronovost*, Biochemistry
Correlation or causation: the roles of TREM2 and P2Y12 on microglial surveillance following traumatic brain injury.
Faculty Mentor: Monica Carson

Boi Quach, Bioengineering
Role of cell tension in matrix stiffness-dependent endothelial inflammation.
Faculty Mentor: Kaustabh Ghosh

Connor Richards*, Physics and Astronomy
Search for strong production of gluinos using Higgs-tagging in jet-enriched events.
Faculty Mentor: Owen Long

Leah Rosario*, Political Science/Law and Society
A study of the transgender movement on college campuses.
Faculty Mentor: Katja Guenther

Stephanie Truong, Biology
The genetic basis of body color variation in the African malaria mosquito.
Faculty Mentor: Bradley White

*University Honors student

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