Paul D’Anieri Named Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost of UC Riverside

Fulbright Scholar and Eastern European expert, Author of International Politics: Power and Purpose in International Affairs

Paul J. D’Anieri has been named Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost of UC Riverside

RIVERSIDE, Calif. ( — Paul J. D’Anieri, dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at the University of Florida, has been named Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost of UC Riverside, it was announced today by UCR Chancellor Kim. A. Wilcox.

The appointment will assign the post to D’Anieri on July 1, 2014 following the retirement of current EVC/Provost Dallas Rabenstein.

D’Anieri is a political scientist whose expertise is in Eastern European and post-Soviet affairs. His textbook, International Politics: Power and Purpose in Global Affairs, is in its third edition [Thomson Wadsworth] and has been called the first truly student-oriented text in the field. He has served as dean and professor of political science at Florida since 2008. In that post, D’Anieri heads the largest academic unit of the university, with more than 600 faculty members responsible for teaching the majority of the university’s core curriculum to at least 35,000 students each year.

“I am delighted to announce the appointment of Paul D’Anieri to this important leadership position at UC Riverside,” said Wilcox. “He is a seasoned academic administrator, an authoritative scholar, and an inspiring leader who deeply understands the University of California’s mission of providing excellence in research, teaching, and public service.”

At UCR, D’Anieri will serve as the chief academic and operating officer for the campus, providing academic leadership to the entire university, managing day-to-day operations of the campus, overseeing resource allocation, and serving as a member of the campus leadership team. In the Chancellor’s absence, the Provost serves as the chief executive officer of the University of California, Riverside. The Provost is responsible for implementation of the campus strategic plan, UCR 2020: The Path to Preeminence.

“I am thrilled to be joining the leadership team at UCR,” said D’Anieri. “With great students, faculty and staff and a genuine commitment to diversity and inclusion, Riverside exemplifies the promise that students from wide range of backgrounds can obtain an elite education at a research university.”

In the EVC/Provost position at UC Riverside, D’Anieri will receive a base salary of $325,000 annually.

Paul D’Anieri was awarded a bachelor’s degree in international relations at Michigan State, followed by a master’s and doctorate in government at Cornell University.

In 1991, he was hired as an assistant professor of political science at the University of Kansas and in 1998 he was promoted to associate professor. After the Soviet Union collapsed, D’Anieri won a Fulbright Scholarship to Ukraine, where he picked up a third foreign language while working as a visiting scholar at Lviv State University. He also speaks Russian and German.

D’Anieri’s research has been centered on the international and domestic politics of the Soviet Union and, in addition to Germany and Ukraine, his studies have taken him to Russia, Kyrgyzstan and Azerbaijan.

During the summer of 1998, D’Anieri was a visiting associate professor at Harvard University’s Ukrainian Research Institute. He served as Associate Dean for International Programs at Kansas from 1999 to 2003, Director of the Center for Russian and European Studies in 2003-2004, and Associate Dean of Humanities from 2004 until accepting his position as Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at UF.

As regards his appointment to UCR, other compensation information is available upon request.

Search Committee Members:
Mary Droser, Professor of Earth Sciences and Committee Chair
Walter Clark, Professor, Music
Mary Gauvain, Professor of Psychology
Sarjeet Gill, Professor, Cell Biology & Neuroscience
Rickerby Hinds, Professor, Theatre
Darcie McClelland Descalzo, Graduate Student
Michael Orosco, Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Education
Sai Patadia, Undergraduate Student
Michael Pazzani, Vice Chancellor, Research & Economic Development
Stephanie Reyes, Career Center
Ameae Walker, Professor, Medicine
Sharon Walker, Associate Professor, Chemical/Environmental Engineering
Scott Waugh, Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost, UC Los Angeles
Jose Wudka, Chair, Academic Senate
Marylynn Yates, Dean, College of Natural & Agricultural Sciences

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