Hector Linares

Business Operations Manager, Campus Apartments, Housing Services and Administration

Like family. That’s how Hector Linares sees his co-workers at UCR Campus Apartments and Family Housing where he’s worked for seven years.

It makes sense, since he’s spent most of his adult life at UCR. It’s where he obtained his bachelor’s degree in 2007 (he double-majored in English and sociology). After graduation, Linares went into his job as a resident services representative, which eventually led to his current position as a business operations manager.

As a UCR student, Linares was a commuter. After working with the same Campus Apartments and Family Housing Department his senior year, he realized how much on-campus housing had an impact on the student college experience. Now he dedicates himself in his role as a staffer to give back to the 2,000 residents that he oversees.

“Because I was a student here, I feel like I am a part of the campus community. I was really fortunate enough to have really good mentors and advisors in this department to help me as a student and then, to help me transition into staff,” he said.

“The community invested so much in me. And now I have the chance to give back to UCR.”

The way that Linares gives back is through  his hard work as a business operations manager. From property management to budget forecasting to recruitment, there is plenty for Linares to do on a day-to-day basis. There is a new task for him to accomplish every day he steps into his office.

When Linares is not with his UCR family, he is with his family at home, which includes his wife, Timmarie, and his three kids, Adrianne (age 4), Logan (age 2) and Holland (2 months old).

“If I’m not hard at work, I’m hard at play with my family!” — Bethanie Le

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