10 Most Inspiring Mortarboards from Commencement 2014

Our students proclaimed their messages of pride with glitter, grass, flowers and craft paper. Congratulations to our newest Highlanders!

Decorated mortarboards at commencement

Welcome to The Top!

Each issue, we present a list of UCR staff and faculty favorites — from walking spots to gardens to events. This week, we are featuring the most memorable graduation caps at commencement this year. Not only do they showcase our students’ creativity and give us a glimpse of the kind of struggles our students overcome to graduate, they also highlight the diversity of our student body. Congratulations, class of 2014!

If you have a favorite spot you’d like featured or an activity you’d like to share, email lille.bose@ucr.edu

1. For First-generation Students


More than 59 percent of UCR’s student body is made up of first-generation college students. Read more about them here: http://ucrtoday.ucr.edu/9112.


2. The Brave, the Few, the Proud


There’s a reason UCR is consistently named a top military-friendly school by G.I. Jobs Magazine.


3. Oh, The Places You’ll Go!



4. The Highlander Can



5. So Sayeth Creative Writing Majors



6. Did Someone Say Brain Trust?

The Highlander brain: incredible inside and out!


7. Play Ball



8. Now That’s a Green Thumb



9. Nostalgic Already?



10. Puzzling, Profound


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