Sustainability interns and volunteers who scour the campus for cigarette butts found that since the implementation of the tobacco ban in January, butt litter dropped, and then went up again.

Last October, the sustainability team collected 1,388 cigarette butts for Butt Bash 1. During the first week of March,  544 cigarette butts were collected during Butt Bash 2. In May for Butt Bash 3, 1,078 cigarette butts were collected on campus.

The increase in litter has been found in bushes, under piles of leaves, and hidden areas. Most of the litter was found by the Orbach Library, Sproul Garden, the Barn and the bell tower lawn.

Members of the athletics department, the Office of Sustainability  and the Alpha Phi Omega Service Organization participated in the clean up.

To address this, UCR Wellness Program Coordinator Julie Chobdee said, “We need the help of the entire UCR campus community to ensure the success of the smoke/tobacco-free policy. It is the responsibility of all staff, faculty, and students to comply with the policy and to education and inform those not in compliance. We hope that everyone will be proactive and contribute to a healthy, safe, and cleaner UCR.”

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