Ken Stewart

Clinical Preventive Care Specialist, Campus Health Center

Ken Stewart

Ken Stewart

Dr. Ken Stewart is the kind of clinician you’d want around in an emergency.

He’s friendly, knowledgeable, and genuinely cares about his work.  “I want to help people,” Stewart says, “and what makes me smile is when I see that a patient is committed to their health.”
Commitment is important for Stewart, who has worked for  the health of UCR students for almost six years as a preventive care specialist at the Student Health Services. Stewart works primarily as a clinician (about 95 percent of his job is seeing patients on a daily basis), but he is also a project manager and program coordinator.

Stewart’s specialty is working with patients with chronic diseases such as diabetes or obesity. During the academic school year, Stewart meets with patients, helps them track their personal goals and encourages them to make healthy lifestyle changes. In this way, Stewart is able to effect positive change on an individual level.

But Stewart is also fired up by that other 5 percent of his job.

Stewart also manages the Preventive Care Clinic, a branch of the Student Health Services that he created and oversees. In this role, Stewart hires groups of student workers, called preventive care advocates, who work closely with him to develop programs and conduct research to get the word out about what the Student Health Services is doing.

While low student attendance at various Campus Health Center events is a challenge, Stewart works with his advocates to engage visitors via social media to  better reach the student population and inform them of upcoming events and policies. “Some students don’t know about their insurance and don’t know if they are covered or not,” he said. “I want to help them.”

For Stewart, part of the joy of helping students is seeing the changes in their lives as they become more independent and take on more adult responsibilities.

Stewart is currently working on several marketing campaigns and projects to better inform students of the services at the Student Health center, educate them on proper usage of medication and debunk health myths.

While his workload isn’t for the faint of heart, it’s Stewart’s strong commitment that pulls him through.

— Konrad Nagy

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