Heather Killeen

Academic Advisor II, School of Business Administration

“I am here for the students.”

That’s what Heather Killeen says about her job as an academic advisor II for UCR’s School of Business Administration (SoBA).

“I remember what it was like to be an undergraduate student at UCR. It was always really nice knowing that I had someone that I could talk to and to help me through college. I want to be that person,” Killeen says.

Prior to finishing her master’s in higher education at the University of Redlands, Killeen graduated from UCR in 2009 with a bachelor’s degree in anthropology. As a result, Killeen has the opportunity to utilize her perspective as a student in her role as an advisor.

“I don’t know if I have ever left that feeling of being a UCR student. Every time I go to Coffee Bean, they ask if I’m a staff or student and I catch myself saying student,” she says. “As a result of having been a student, I feel more connected to the campus. UCR has always felt like home to me.”

Working in the Office of Undergraduate Business Programs for almost two years, Killeen’s primary duty is to meet with the 400 junior and senior business students that she advises. She makes herself available during drop-in hours and appointments to answer questions about degree progress, course planning and graduate school. In addition, she coordinates programs such as the Beta Gamma Sigma International Honor Society induction ceremony, the UCR School of Business’s scholarship ceremony, and the prebusiness conference.

“Getting to know students on an individual basis is my favorite part. Just meeting and talking about their career paths and getting to know them more on a personal level rather than the quick five-minute meetings,” Killeen says.

This is why Killeen looks forward to commencement each year.

“It’s a time when the students thank us, take pictures and give us hugs. It’s very rewarding to see the students I’ve worked with graduating. They’ve met their goal and are going to even bigger and better things,” says Killeen.

Killeen describes herself as an active person. Whether it is camping, kayaking, home improvement projects with her husband or playing with her dog, Callie, she is always busy doing something.

“I often joke with my husband that I do not know how to relax because I am constantly working on the house or helping friends and family with their projects. It’s important to me to feel accomplished at the end of the day.” — Bethanie Le

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