Educator Named to Accreditation Committee

Anne Jones, director of teacher education at UC Riverside, will co-chair the committee that accredits educator preparation programs in California

Anne Jones, director of teacher education at UC Riverside

RIVERSIDE, Calif. ( — A University of California, Riverside educator has been named co-chair of a committee that accredits educator preparation programs in California.

Beginning August 2, Anne Jones, assistant dean for academic programs and student affairs in the Graduate School of Education at UC Riverside, will co-chair the Committee on Accreditation with Nancy Watkins, a teacher at Valencia High School in Placentia. Each has a one-year appointment.

Members of the committee, who are appointed by the state Commission on Teacher Credentialing, decide on the continuing and initial accreditation of programs and compare national or alternative program standards of educator preparation with California standards. The committee, which is made up of six members from K-12 schools and six members from colleges and universities, meets six to eight times a year in Sacramento.

Accreditation is the process educator preparation programs undergo to prepare licensed educators in California. The educator preparation accreditation system focuses on the demonstrated competence of California’s educators. The system features ongoing data collection and a seven-year cycle of activities, including at least one site visit. During the upcoming 2011-12 academic year, the committee will review about 40 institutions.

At any point, the Committee on Accreditation can determine if program intervention or assistance is needed. This accreditation process is designed to assure the public and legislature that these programs are effectively training school personnel to function in the credential areas for which they are being prepared.

Jones, who is also director of teacher education at UC Riverside, earned a bachelor’s degree in sociology and a master’s degree in teacher education from UCLA and a doctorate in educational leadership from UC Irvine and UCLA. She holds a multiple subject teaching credential and taught elementary school and in full inclusion programs for students with severe disabilities.

She has a research background that includes study of performance assessments for teacher candidates. She is currently designing and implementing a comprehensive information system to collect and manage data for teacher preparation programs.

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