UCR School of Medicine Dean G. Richard Olds Answers Questions About Ebola

AIDS protocols are going to help health workers avoid infection with Ebola

RIVERSIDE, Calif. — Dr. G. Richard Olds, dean of the UC Riverside School of Medicine and an expert in tropical diseases, recently answered some questions about Ebola and its arrival in the United States.

Olds is available for interviews. For more information, contact Kris Lovekin at (951) 827-2495 or email kris.lovekin@ucr.edu.

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0:09 – What was your reaction to the news that Ebola had been diagnosed in the U.S.?
0:40 – What is the bigger issue, Ebola or ignorance about Ebola?
1:40 – Do you see any similarities to the earliest days of the HIV/AIDS epidemic? Is sensationalism overwhelming common sense?
2:52 – How do we protect health care individuals, as well as the general public, from Ebola?
4:00 – What can we learn from the experience in Dallas?
4:55 – What is your recommendation to people who are concerned about Ebola?

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