Chasing down everybody (with Ebola) is extremely conservative and extremely expensive. ... It suggests to the population that they're at some significant risk of coming down with Ebola,and I don't think they are, but I understand that that's a reasonable public health response.

G. Richard Olds, dean of the School of Medicine, about Ebola quarantines in the United States


In Brazil, there are three species of wandering spiders — named for their tendency to wander around on the ground looking for food — that are often considered 'deadly.' Phoneutria fera, P. nigriventer and P. keyserlingi all have bad reputations, but it's extremely rare for these spider bites to cause human deaths.

Richard Vetter, staff research associate in entomology, on how a lot of the fear surrounding spiders is based on myths


With a few historical exceptions, the party in the White House loses support during mid-terms.

Shaun Bowler, distinguished professor of political science, on how attention shifts to the Senate during mid-term elections in the United States


People want their streams back — all of them, including the Santa Ana.

Stephen Mitchell, a distinguished science librarian, on the Santa Ana River and how California is turning drainage canals back to rivers


We anticipate that this odor-based insect lure could be of use to growers in California and other parts of the world.

Anandasankar Ray, associate professor of entomology, on UCR's discovery of a series of naturally occurring smells that is effective in luring Asian citrus psyllids


In the 1960s, people were more forgiving of (drinking and driving) and even joked about it...But during the '70s and '80s, concern about the deadly consequences soared...

Robert Nash Parker, professor of sociology, on the evolution of public attitudes on drinking and driving


There's no medium like superheroes that reaches across ages, cultures and genders...Everybody knows superheroes like Superman, Spider-Man and Batman.

Suveen Nigel Mathaudhu, assistant professor of mechanical engineering, on how stories behind beloved comic characters are an aid in teaching science and engineering to kids and the general public


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