Jason Day

Police Lieutenant

As a UCPD lieutenant, Jason Day’s work is mostly about saving the day. But as the division commander for all patrol and investigative services, his work also includes going through emails, phone calls, reports and investigations of various cases. But no matter what kind of work he’s doing, being in the UCPD involves total focus, always.

“In this job, it’s the same thing, but never the same thing,” he says. “You always face domestic violence, assault and theft calls. They’re the same type of calls but it’s not always the same people and the same circumstances. This requires you to really think through the situation.”

He adds, “You cannot go on autopilot on this job because as soon as you do, you will lose your edge, put yourself in danger and put others in danger. Because you have to look at things through a bigger picture and really focus on how to be an effective manager, officer and supervisor, it’s always different and challenging.”

Luckily, as an employee who has been at UCR for 14 years, Day is the embodiment of Highlander Pride.

“I don’t say it lightly: I love this campus. I know the history of the buildings, the weird quirks that we have here. It’s just this environment, I like working here,” Day says.

“UCR is different from so many parts of the nation. It’s the culture, diversity and inclusiveness. This diversity that you cannot get anywhere else makes my life richer.”

That makes the other part of his job — recruitment — a welcome challenge as well.  “It’s always this concern for me that we continue to bring in people that match or exceed the skill level and mindset that we have here at UCR,” Day says. “It’s not an easy search since I cannot bring just anyone in this department and make them an officer. Because our department is small, we cannot get one bad apple. I need all of my officers to be outstanding. And they are!”

That doesn’t mean that he can’t take a break from work, however. “I have too much energy to sit in my office for too long so at some point in the day, I’ll hit pause and walk the campus. It’s a really good way to get a pulse on what the campus is concerned about,” Day says. And when he’s not on campus, he tries to be outside as often as possible.

“Southern California is blessed with beautiful mountains, amazing beaches and world-renowned places. People fly to California to see these things and it’s just driving distance for us! So I spend much of my time outside and not in a building.”

— Bethanie Le

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