‘Therapy Fluffies’ to Provide Stress Relief for Students

Therapy dogs will return to campus to help reduce students' stress during final exams.

As the quarter comes to an end and finals approach, students find themselves at their busiest – and most stressed — as they prepare for multiple projects, papers and exams.

To help alleviate this stress, UCR will bring certified therapy dogs to campus for students to pet and interact with.

The quarterly event, “Therapy Fluffies: Paws with a Purpose,” will take place on Wednesday, Dec. 10 from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at the Bell Tower. The event is free and open to students.

The event is sponsored by The Well, Mental Health Outreach and Active Minds, a UCR student-led group committed to removing the stigma surrounding mental health.

Therapy Fluffies has been a fixture at UCR since fall 2010 and the event, including the therapy dogs, has enjoyed increasing popularity each quarter since its introduction.

For more information, visit well.ucr.edu or contact Jacqueline Moreno at jacqueline.moreno@ucr.edu or (951) 827-2874.

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