Erica Healander

Director of Risk Management

It was while scrolling through Linked-In that Erica Healander found a job posting for UCR’s director of risk management position. She said, “Hey, why not? I’ll apply.”

Six months ago, Healander officially became a Highlander, part of the UCR enterprise risk management program. Her role as the director of risk management is to strategically manage the campus risks and protect the university’s assets.

“I really landed here by chance, but once I started researching the campus, I saw its potential and I was really excited about the opportunities,” said Healander. “Risk management is really a continual assessment process throughout all aspects of the organization … when we’re entering a new project or thinking about adding a new service to the campus or event, we need to think about the risks versus rewards and how that supports UCR’s mission and the vision of the university,” Healander explains.

“Every day, my job is different because we interact with all different departments. We get a lot of inquiries and it could range anywhere from an auto accident to contract review to employment practice liability training to research risks.”

Before UCR, Healander worked in the same field at Eastern Michigan University. While she’s still adjusting the California, the coast and the everyday sunshine are a welcome change.

“It’s been a great transition. I was a little nervous about coming to a new place and starting over again, but everyone has just been so great to work with and are really welcoming,” said Healander. Plus, she said, “Last year, Michigan had 98 inches of record-breaking snow. So we really love the weather here. The beaches are our favorite and I’ve even tried surfing!”

Healander says every weekend is like a mini-vacation for her family — she spends her free time with her husband Michael and son Blake exploring what the Golden State has to offer. “So far, we’ve been to Palm Springs, San Diego, San Francisco, Oakland, the Hollywood tour — all the touristy stuff.” — Bethanie Le

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