UCR Plays Softball with Josai University

Josai University's women's softball team from Japan and UCR's women's softball team played against each other in a friendly, international exhibition game

UC Riverside’s and Josai University’s women’s softball group picture. Photo by: Carlos Puma

On Feb. 6, the women’s softball team from Josai University in Japan played UCR’s women’s softball team in a friendly, international exhibition game. Josai University has been an Extension partner university with UCR for almost 30 years, said Sharon Duffy, dean of UCR Extension.

At the match, there was a pregame ceremony with an exchange of gifts between the players. John Maxwell, UCR’s associate athletics director, announced the game. In only an hour, Maxwell had a Japanese crash course from the translator to make several announcements in Japanese. The bilingual announcements and the national anthems from both countries being played at the game made the match more authentic as an international game, Duffy said.

This softball exhibition game is part of the Josai team’s Extension sports management academic program. The Josai team was at UCR Extension for 10 days.

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