There is a lot of momentum in this direction (of water rates being determined on the amount of water a customer uses) because of all the benefits. ... If this challenge were to go through and undermine the rate structure, that would be a big deal.

Ken Baerenklau, associate professor of environmental economics and public policy, on a San Juan Capistrano lawsuit that could change how millions of customers pay for water


People are happier and healthier when they reflect upon life in an appreciative manner.

Sonja Lyubomirsky, professor of psychology, cited on her research on positive psychology


(The reptiles) are meaning to stay on the substrate, to stay on the ground. ... (But the water's current lifts them up, and) they get carried a little bit until they find their footing again.

Mary Droser, professor of geology, on her work with UCR graduate student Tracy Thomson uncovering rare ancient footprints that were preserved roughly 250 million years ago


People are ready to open a door they haven't opened. People feel that they need to say something that's very deep for them or very playful for them, or very serious, or that makes them angry.

Juan Felipe Herrera, professor of creative writing, on how he listened to people throughout the state read their poetry during his two-year term as California poet laureate


(President Xi Jinping's 'Four Comprehensives') finalize the result. One, two, three, four — you absorb things and that’s it. ... It’s got that comprehensive feel about it that, if you’ve got this, then you’ve got everything.

Perry Link, distinguished professor of comparative literature and foreign language, on Xi Jinping, president of the People's Republic of China, and his recent comments on his four big priorities as president


The news that Leonard Nimoy has passed has thrown me into grief. ... I never knew the man personally. But he’s been a huge part of my life, as he has of the lives of so many of his fans.

Nalo Hopkinson, professor of creative writing, on the passing of Leonard Nimoy and his influence


This water is very, very pristine water. It's better than bottled drinking water. ... Other cities are investigating this as well because it's a readily available source that is local. You don't import it. And as long as you treat it to high levels like Orange County, it's seen as an excellent source of drinking water.

Mark Matsumoto, professor of chemical and environmental engineering, on the rise of recycled water from the Orange County Sanitation District in response to the drought


The (Mantis shrimp) is smacking with more than 500 newtons of force and it’s only 4 inches long. It’s accelerating underwater faster than a 22 caliber bullet. It’s one of the fastest striking organisms on the planet. It impacts thousands of times. How can it do that and resist failure? That’s why we started studying it.

David Kisailus, associate professor of chemical and environmental engineering, on his research on the Mantis shrimp


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