Gluck Summer Camp of the Arts is Taking Applications for June 15–19 Camp

Registration deadline: May 20, 2015

RIVERSIDE, Calif. — The Gluck Fellows Program of the Arts at UCR is looking for art-enthused teens to participate in this year’s annual Summer Camp of the Arts. The program provides the opportunity to learn new and contemporary art and performance styles in a college environment while meeting and connecting with other art-inspired peers from the region.

The Gluck Summer Camp of the Arts is a free camp for teens aged 14 through 18 that will be held at UCR June 15-19. All are welcome to apply, but there are limited spaces. Applications are required. Gluck Summer Camp of the Arts offers free workshops through UCR’s departments of Art, Creative Writing, Dance, Music and Theatre. Each workshop will be taught by a graduate student from the University of California, Riverside.

The goal of the Gluck Summer Camp of the Arts is to provide mature teenagers with an intensive educational experience in the arts and to expand their understanding of the history, theory and application of the various arts disciplines that emphasize individual growth. Summer participants are the Inland Empire’s “arts honor students” who choose to spend a week of summer vacation experimenting with college-level artists and materials.

The program is free, but participants must provide their own lunches and transportation. The deadline to apply is May 20. Applications may be downloaded at Students may apply for a morning and afternoon session. Applicants will be notified of their acceptance by e-mail on May 23.

The theme of this year’s camp is “SUPERHUMANities.” In addition to the regular workshops, there are two all-camp activities, the MorningMixer and HomeRoom component. During MorningMixer and HomeRoom, all campers will participate together in fun, team-building activities to break the ice and get into the flow of an art-filled week of exploration.

Gluck Summer Camp

2015 Summer Camp Workshops at UCR


MorningMixer is a series of high-energy games designed to keep participants active, master teambulding, and forge connections with other campers. Together students will begin the day with a fresh boost of energy and a handful of new friendships that, with a little teamwork, will extend into the classroom and transcend the program.

From Spoken Word to the Page: Harnessing the Emotions in Written Poetry

Discover what makes poetry ring with emotion, from the passionate verses of the spoken word to the subtlety of the page poem. Campers will explore different examples of poetry and poetics together, such as music, spoken word, and traditional form to realize how one’s own story can be performed through writing in a powerful way. A series of free-writes will be completed, along with personalized conferences, to sharpen young writers’ ears for their own poetic goals. Campers will develop an understanding of how to take vocalized and internal emotions and translate them to the page in a way that is both long-lasting and subtle. Writers will learn how to be both revealing and private depending on their goals. At the end, an anthology will be collected containing poems by each of the campers.


S.P.L.A.T. stands for Super Powered Locomotion Action Theatrics. This is a high-energy movement and performance class where campers will slide, jump, fall, go upside down, and splat their bodies into the floor. This highly physical class will require participants to feel strong, cultivate energy, and sweat! The study of safe techniques for these actions will be the starting point for learning to work with an individualized super heroine/hero costume and character. The workshop will culminate by making a performance out of these explorations. In S.P.L.A.T. campers explore how to move their bodies powerfully through space, be prepared to move in all sorts of dynamic ways and have lots of super-powered fun.


If what we wear and art are ways of expressing ourselves, DIY clothes as art take expression to another level. HomeRoom will be full of quick lessons and lots of supplies so campers can learn how to cut, dye, paint and stencil your costume for the final performance. One large T-Shirt will be provided, but campers are highly encouraged to bring lots of old shirts, pants, hats and shoes that might benefit from applied style (from rags to rad?).

Hip Hop Hooray: Celebrating Self-Expression Through Hip Hop Dance

Learn about hip-hop’s history and its appreciation for self-expression and individuality. In this class, campers won’t just learn choreography; they’ll also be guided in creating movement of their own. This class will help participants explore their own unique style and encourage them to show everyone what they’ve got! Come get down!

Karaoke Camp

Do you love to sing? Everyone does! Would you like to learn how to be a better singer using music you love?  Then Karaoke Camp is the perfect match for you.  In this week campers will learn about all of the proper techniques used by the best singers to get that impressive sound we all want to have. We will also try to apply these techniques by singing along with karaoke versions of songs that campers choose in front of their classmates.  By the end the week, each camper should be ready to change the world with their own voice!

For more information, contact Christine Leapman, Gluck Program coordinator, at (951) 827-5739 or Shane Shukis, Gluck Fellows coordinator, at (951) 827-3518,

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