It's a snapshot of our current understanding of seismic hazard in California based on the best available science that we can incorporate into such a model.

David Oglesby, chair of earth sciences department and professor of geophysics, on a recent US Geological Survey study that finds that the chance of a magnitude 8 or higher earthquake hitting California has increased about 7 percent


(A moth's behaviour is like a visit to a city's Chinatown district). There are many restaurants, likely they will serve similar food, and most of it will be suitable. However, if you have been to one in the past and know it is good, you may choose to return to that one.

Sean Prager, assistant specialist of entomology, on how African cotton leafworm moths show preference for certain plants they'd previously mated in


(The price of gasoline ) is pretty much the only price that everyone knows, and knows it on a daily basis. ... That makes it an important indication of how people are doing. If the price of a loaf of bread goes down, no one notices.

Rami Zwick, professor of marketing and associate dean of the UCR School of Business Administration, on recent fluctuating gas prices and the nearly $1-per-gallon cost increase in the Inland Empire


The visual system among older adults is very plastic and has the ability to improve, and that perceptual learning (behavioural training) can be used to counteract age-related declines in contrast sensitivity.

G. John Andersen, professor of psychology, on his lab’s finding that a week of behavioral intervention can help improve the vision of older adults


We’ve found that the beetle is drawn to 138 tree species, and it attacks 13 agricultural crops, but it can only reproduce on avocado trees. Why, we don’t know, (but) this is the first time we’ve found it in such a large scale in Southern California, in commercial groves.

Akif Eskalen, assistant plant pathologist, on the spread of the polyphagous shot hole borer, a tiny beetle that specifically targets avocado trees and leaves them completely destroyed


While genetic modification of crops can introduce new beneficial traits into existing crops, the resulting products need to be tested for long-term health effects before anyone makes assumptions about their impact on human health.

Frances Sladek, professor of cell biology, and her recent discovery that genetically modified soybean oil is healthier than conventional soybean oil


Symbolically, it represents a real change and a recognition by the Republican Party, particularly the California Republican Party, of changing attitudes on gay marriage and gay and lesbian issues. ... It seems that in recent years social conservatives have been winning out and I think that’s what makes this so significant.

Benjamin Bishin, professor of political science, on a recent vote to recognize the Log Cabin Republicans by the California GOP and how Republican Party opposition to LGBT legislation and values has changed over time


As a result of the progress made at the UCR campus, 10,893 low-income students are receiving Pell Grants this fall on our campus. Fifty-seven percent of our students are first in their families to seek a four-year degree, and 58 percent of our students receive Pell Grants.

Chancellor Kim A. Wilcox on the extraordinary contribution UCR is making to the regional pipeline to college


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