UCR Budget Redesign Initiative Will Transform Campus Budgeting, Financial Operations

Sustained effort will provide greater transparency, better tools, and streamlined processes for staff and faculty

UCR has undertaken a transformational effort to redesign the Campus’ Resource Allocation and Budget Model.

In recent months, under the leadership of Provost Paul D’Anieri and Vice Chancellor for Planning & Budget Maria Anguiano, UCR has undertaken a transformational effort to redesign the Campus’ Resource Allocation and Budget Model.

“UCR has ambitious goals, including adding 300 new faculty members by 2020 and building new laboratory space,” said D’Anieri. “To achieve these goals, we must get the most out of our money. We are designing a budget model that will dramatically increase transparency and empower stakeholders across campus. It will provide incentives to bring in new revenue, to cut costs, and to ensure that our budget effectively serves our mission. UCR aspires to be a model not only within the UC system, but nationally for budgeting in a way that is simple, transparent, and mission-driven.”
Last fall, Anguiano and D’Anieri convened Phase I of the initiative, holding planning sessions with key faculty and staff to clarify needs as voiced by various stakeholders.

Said Anguiano: “We want to engage the entire UCR community to ensure that we move to a resource allocation methodology and budget process that is transparent and aligns resources with strategic goals.”

Anguiano says that key collective goals stated by participants include:

  • Create a transparent and visible resource allocation model
  • Streamline and improve the financial management process across the organization
  • Better align funding, decision-making and programmatic evaluation with strategic goals
  • Align responsibility with accountability across the organization
  • Align incentives to promote revenue growth and reductions in cost
  • Foster Universitywide collaboration and stakeholder involvement
  • Support meaningful standard key performance indicators

Anguiano and D’Anieri recently announced formation of key committees and project teams to begin Phase II of the project. Committee recommendations are expected later this spring, with implementation of the new framework planned for fiscal year 2016-17.


A Chancellor’s Town Hall Meeting is scheduled for Monday, March 30 at 3:30 p.m. in the HUB, room 302.  The meeting will include a discussion of the progress to date on implementation of a new budgeting system for the campus.

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